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Rate The Last Movie You Watched

  1. SilverEars
    I'd like to point out a classic (or in reality a guilty pleasure). Bloodsport (8.999999/10) <-- very subjective score weighted based on being an old favorite, and you may think it's really cheezy.

    If you know what Kumite means, you know this bad-ass flick. I whatched this movie too many times when growing up. Luv the cheezy lines from this movie. "YOU ARE NOT JAPANESE, YOU ARE NOT A TANAKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!" :dt880smile:

    Also in German
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2018
  2. Davesrose
    Didn't know there was a hate society...myself, I love anything Danielle Day Lewis stars in. The movie is inspired by Upton Sinclair's Oil, and I thought it carried themes Sinclair always warned against. Lewis is an interesting figure in which he became a shoe cobbler between movies and is a total method actor.
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  3. Davesrose
    Indeed, but I'd also say it's one of Van Damme's best. Have you watched Jean-Claude Van Johnson on Amazon? If not, it's worth a watch. Lots of poking of fun of his roles, and he takes it in good humor.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2018
  4. SilverEars
    He does take it to good humor. He did a dance on the Conan based on this balling dance from Kick Boxer. So much swag. Maybe too much.

    Last edited: Nov 4, 2018
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  5. Davesrose
    Did see it...totally awesome!
  6. kid vic

    Belly- 10/10

    I don't even care if people find the script lacking; DMX plays himself in a movie and Methodman is an assasin, Louie Rankin lays it down as a serious gangster and Nas essentially is the only one who isn't crazy.
    Some may say this is the greatest rap music video of all time, others say its an over saturated, lack luster attempt at real cinema. But clearly the naysayers are wrong!
  7. wuwhere Contributor
    Upgrade - 7.89/10

    Like that TA.

  8. wuwhere Contributor
    Anon - 8.12/10

  9. tdockweiler
    Mile 22 - 4.5/10

    Ruined by bad cinematography. All the action sequences are just one confusing mess.
    All those 2-5 second cuts are also annoying.
    This is also the first movie i've seen with Lauren Cohan outside of The Walking Dead ("Maggie").
    She did pretty good here and didn't seem anything like her other character here.
    This one also had way too much swearing. Seriously how many F-words do you need in one movie?!
    Oh and of course there is lots of excessive violence, even worse than any Die Hard movie.
    Unfortunately they are making a sequel to this. Too bad.
    This actually reminded me of some of the old Hong Kong action films, but those were actually good..

    Sorry to Bother You - 5/10

    Seriously, I don't get the hype for this movie. Way overrated.
    Maybe I missed something.

    Is Paris Burning - 5/10

    Easily one of the most dull and boring WWII movies there is.
    This one is about the french resistance during WWII and the liberation of Paris.
    I'm one that loves "Tora, Tora, Tora" and "The Longest Day" and some say those are way too slow.
    Anyway, this is pretty nice to look at, but it's really just a complete mess.
    I'd much rather see a documentary on the subject.
    It's also dubbed I think. I wonder if there is a version out there with subtitles for the french dialogue?
    A much better film is "Army of Shadows".
    Are there any other good movies on the subject?

    I also watched "The Arrival" again and have rated that before. Easily a 10/10 for me and it's one I didn't like at the theater.
    Only because I missed a lot of VERY important dialogue.

    I also saw "The Right Stuff" about 5 times in the last few weeks.
    Possibly one of the most near perfect movies there is.
    It's funny how many F words they used to be able to cram in a PG movie back then.
    It must have about half a dozen of them. Lots of sex related dialogue and slang.
    I remember back in the old days they were able to have nudity in PG movies.
    Now that would be offensive to some Americans. Kind of funny.

    Also finished "Lord of the Rings" trilogy again for maybe the 6th time.
    During some scenes I wish the acting was better.
    The scenes with the elf, ranger and dwarf are the worst scenes.
    The main two Hobbits are actually the best two actors in the movie (Gandalf was good too).
    Despite how good the trilogy is as a whole, it could have actually been even WAY better.

    PS "Apollo 13" now feels so much worse after watching "The Right Stuff" over and over.
  10. tdockweiler
    Narcos: Mexico - 9/10

    Just as good as the others in the series.
    Some of this was a bit confusing because there were so many different characters in the story.
    It's actually based on real events and it's interesting to read up on it all online after you've watched the movie.
    Michael Pena did pretty good in this one creating such a memorable character. I think the series would actually improve with more viewings.

    PS if you can, watch the first 3 Narcos seasons first.

    I wish more USA studios would release more subtitled movies or TV shows like this.
    I think about 90% of this movie is in Spanish.
    I actually don't really know if Netflix completely funded the production of this or just bought the rights to play it in the USA.

    Also, this was good enough to SOMEHOW finish in two nights. That's a LOT of time spent in front of the TV!
  11. serman005
    Blindspot Season 1 -- 8/10

    Fascinating and unique story line with intriguing technical features, twists and turns. Very entertaining. Jaimie Alexander does an incredible job playing Jane Doe--very, very solid acting on her part.

    If possible, as mentioned above with Narcos, it is best to watch seasons 1, 2, 3 and what is thus far released of season 4 all together, since it is a continuing saga. 22 episodes per season. It doesn't get old.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2018
  12. Redcarmoose

    Next up is this, with a 40% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Though you know it’s scary because they broke everyone’s cellphones. :)
  13. wuwhere Contributor
    Spectral - 7.75

  14. Double-A
    Gerald's Game: ~ 8.5/10

    Superbly done. Probably one of the best horror movies I've seen, thus far.
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  15. kid vic

    Blindspotting- 6/10

    A few good parts and a few clearly overdone parts mixed into a kind of meandering, ok journey.

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