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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. AndroidL
    That is good to know. Appreciate the fast answer!
  2. Chupi383
    I believe it just makes the top volume twice the voltage it is in 1x mode, which would be like +6 dB. In that case the concern is just that if you turn it all the way up, you may blow your headphones if they aren't high impedance. I haven't tried balanced 2x mode myself since I'm driving Shure SE846 with it and -30 dB is about as loud as I want it and -24 is getting into painful territory.

    What does using it with an amp add if you aren't driving speakers or high impedance headphones?
  3. backdrifter
    I'm enjoying mine a lot. I find it curious that they aren't being talked about more here. There are a couple threads for them if you search. I would say more but I don't want to take this thread off on a tangent.
  4. kukkurovaca
    These IEMs (GT3 Superbass) benefit from an amp, especially when using EQ. Using them just with the ES100 they can sound thin. But they are unusually insensitive for an IEM. (84ohm impedance, 95db. Going by the specs alone, harder to drive than a T50RP.)

    Also, if you like amps that color the sound (which this one does), then you might want that coloration even if you don't actually need the power.
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  5. AndroidL
    Ok I got an another weird question... Does the es100 support USB output to another DAC? So it only acts as a Bluetooth receiver and the Bluetooth signal is decoded and then fed digitally to another DAC through USB. Is it possible?
  6. Chupi383
  7. WilliamLeonhart
    It’s possible, yes. I’ve seen a few devices that are actually keyboard/mouse usb hubs that connects to the computer through Bluetooth. But those are expensive and not too practical - you’d hate the latency, I suppose.

    Edit: and no the ES100 doesn’t support this.
  8. AndroidL
    That is kind of what I expected, though I was hoping there would be some workaround... There are many great desktop DACs but few are bluetooth capable, really wish there are bluetooth receiver only devices that can be connected to other devices via USB.
  9. Slater
    How about something like the Topping D50s, DX3 Pro, DX7 Pro, etc?
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2019
  10. jsmiller58
    And I think SMSL has a few as well if I recall correctly...
  11. kukkurovaca
    Pretty sure there are devices like this. I'm positive there are with SPDIF outputs, particularly you don't need them to be powered by their own batteries. I don't know about USB offhand, but hard to imagine there aren't.
  12. rkw
  13. AndroidL
    Yeah these are indeed bluetooth capable and all support LDAC which is a big plus. What I was kind of referring to is that it is not easy to convert non-bluetooth DACs which there are many, into bluetooth DACs.
  14. AndroidL
  15. blockchainhero
    I was also curious about the SPL estimates provided by the app. I compared the values with those produced by my dedicated SPL meter (slow response, C-weighted) and the Radsone consistently estimates ~10 dB over the SPL meter.
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