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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. BobSmith8901
    Thanks very much for your advice and info. I have the FiiO X5III which has Bluetooth V4.0,aptX supported.

    I'd never thought of getting an adapter for the PC with the latest Bluetooth and codecs and one would certainly be an improvement over the stock motherboard BT that's getting long in the tooth. Thanks again.
  2. BobSmith8901
    Great info and glad that the noise issue should be a thing of the past as far as the ES100 is concerned. Thanks!
  3. AJZ0
    Replying to Mouseman but responding to BobSmith8901. See Radson's papers, EarStudio: State-of-the-art Bluetooth Receiver and EarStudio: Performance Evaluation for lots of detail. Notwithstanding any of the details addresses in these...

    Right. Hiss should not be feature of the noise floor from the BT version or codec unless you have low impedance and high sensitivity gear.

    Right again. The A2DP profile SBC codec can sound great since you're getting (up to) 320 kbps 16 bit 48 kHz, i.e. better-than-CD and "HD Audio" sticker quality has been in the Bluetooth spec since 1.3. Similarly for the AAC codec with 264 kbps 16 bit 44.1 kHz. The significance of the BT version is principally the things it supports. For audio, the profile and codec tend to be the important details, though of course range can also matter. Right now my old BT 4.0 / SBC Nexus 5 is playing some quite dynamic music in my Thieaudio Phantom and it sounds great.

    I concur with all this (though I can't vouch for Mouseman's hearing claims).

    For the ES100 another BT detail to consider is the Bluetooth Basic Rate/Enhanced Data Rate (BR/EDR) or Low Energy (LE) needed to manage the ES100 with the app.
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  4. Mouseman
    His hearing is pretty good, although not as great as it was when I was a teenager. :gs1000smile:
  5. chinmie
    is it just me, but i feel for AAC and SBC, there's a difference in sound between connecting to BT 5.0 and BT 4.0 android devices. it sounds with BT 4.0 devices the sound is a bit more compressed.

    no difference when using APTX though
  6. rkw
    Nothing changed in the Bluetooth standard between 4 and 5 that affects audio streaming. However, the devices would be using different Bluetooth chipsets (and other hardware changes) that could account for some differences.
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  7. redrol
    IMG_20190721_220838.jpg A little ES100 Porn. I am absolutely psyched for the successor.
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  8. Chupi383
    A quick question for Radsone: Is a parametric EQ still in the works? Or is this something for a successor product? I recall some talk about it, but now it's been since January since the last firmware.

    Also, even on USB, audio doesn't seem to sync quite perfectly with videos. I'm guessing this is some unavoidable USB or DSP delay?

    Apart from that, the ES100 is pretty much perfect in my book. I bought it without realizing just how great a little device it was. I wanted a basic Bluetooth receiver for on-the-go use and decided to buy a nice one after a far cheaper one had proven very disappointing. I didn't really look into what all it could do until after I upgraded my IEMs to Shure SE846s and noticed that they sounded better on the ES100 than anything else I tried connecting them to. I've been through the various settings that make a subtle difference and got them set how I want them. Now I mostly use the app to mess with the EQ, switch outputs, or check in on the battery.
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  9. lgcubana
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  10. Shakey27
  11. jsmiller58
    I have seen a few mentions of a next gen ES100... is there anything to that rumor? If yes, where are there details?
  12. Outrager
    I ordered it last night and had a delivery date of Thursday. Cancelled it this morning and ordered it again with free same day shipping and got it today. Amazon makes no sense.
  13. timechaser
    Using the 2x current - question.

    So currently I am running my Oppo PM3 with the ES100 via the balanced connection. It gives an option of using 2x current but warns that this might damage headphones with less than 300ohm impedance. What's this jazz? Apologies for my lack of knowledge.

    Any clarification would be much much appreciated.
  14. Shakey27
    Apparently mine might be delayed due to shipment being sent to incorrect UPS carrier facility, so yeah, not always a slam dunk on that front. No fault of Amazon, though. Price still at $79.20 as of this morning.
  15. maniac2003
    No, just speculation and wishes.
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