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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. SeeD
    Was it in this thread that someone posted a link to a (YouTube) binaural recording that was supposed to show off an earphone’s capabilities? Can anyone provide a link??
  2. Broquen
    On YouTube you can find quite some examples (don't think YouTube SQ is the best for this). Anyway, I use one album that can be found in TIDAL in case you have Tidal too

  3. stormers
    thank you for this as well....I've been looking for a few days lol

    very interesting test...according to this my high hearing tops out at 16khz
  4. waynes world
    Oh, to be a young whipper snapper again!
  5. stormers
    as I'm quite new to the whole audio world. Is that a good or bad thing?...

    Side question: anyone notice any difference between x1 and x2 voltage for 3.5mm? The app states x2 voltage as OI ~0.5Ohm. trying to decide which one to use for SE846. Wondering if that makes any difference.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2019
  6. wenbinbin2010
    Favorite part of the ES100 is being able to use it as a DAC/amp for my Dell XPS 13. The stock sound card on that laptop is horrendous. Always wanted to try out an Audioquest Dragonfly, but the ES100 kills two birds with one stone.
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  7. waynes world
    If you can hear up to 16khz, that's a great thing!
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  8. randytsuch
    Thanks for posting this, gave me an idea which I'm now researching.
    I use an older Samsung S6 to stream to my es100, but it doesn't support LDAC or Apt HD with the currently installed Nougat. But looks like I can upgrade to my rooted phone to Oreo, hopefully will still work when I"m done lol

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  9. Pro-Jules
    While picking up one of my kids at school yesterday another parent asked if the ES100 clipped to my shirt was a camera and was I filming!!
  10. Devodonaldson
    Yes it does, but the ES100 can't really touch the dragobdly red on micro detail. That little thing is amazing. Still not my favorite poetablp, as that goes to my idi xDSD, but the note crispness of the DFR is special. ES100 is great Bluetooth audio, and I use it for workouts, or at work as my shifts are 12hrs and my xDSD tops out at 8. ES100 great little device, and I'm sad to say thatine was placed in washing machine. . Gonna give the Fiio BTR3 a listen as I use 32ohm max iem/cans.ci may be back though, if it doesn't suit me
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  11. hsdrggr
    To funny. Now I think I’m going to glue a little lens to mine to just mess with people!
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  12. hsdrggr
    You’re gonna be back to the ES100. Bet ya.
  13. Devodonaldson
    Lol. Enjoyed it, though it was the DAC that I used the least. Primarily for my runs and gym time. Since it's gone, I decided I would check out something else, since I have an opening. I've heard good things about the Fiio, and they are slowly opening up features in the app. I may be back. Definitely will have my eye out for info on ES200
  14. waynes world
    I hadn't really looked at the Ifi xDSD before, but it does look nice. For portable use, I don't like having anything tethered by cable to my phone, which is why I like the ES100 so much (plus it is small and light and has a clip). I see that the xDSD also is a blutooth receiver. Do you use it as a blutooth receiver? And how do you carry it?
  15. Devodonaldson
    I don't really use my phone as my music transport. My old Sony Z3 is bit perfect can USB with all apps, so it's a golden goose that keeps on giving. Look at my profilepictprof and that's tell xDSD 3m dual locked to the back of my Z3. At the same time I do uses the xDSD via Bluetooth to my phone for youtube, Netflix, etc. It sounds awesome for that stuff as well.
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