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Qobuz Lossless Streaming Service Thread

Discussion in 'Music' started by animeismylife, Jul 23, 2017.
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  1. Left Channel
    Could be your location. Just to test that, have you tried to VPN into a server in the correct country (Qobuz USA, Qobuz UK, Qobuz France, etc.)?

    If it's not the location, you may need to contact customer support via the Qobuz website for help. I've seen at least two people complain about similar problems on another forum, with no mention of the location issue, so maybe it's just a bug.
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  2. gimmeheadroom
    That doesn't relate to my question :D

    My country is in the EU and France (HQ of Qobuz) is in the EU, so... :p
  3. gimmeheadroom
    Many people will not consider anything from Amazon or Apple. I can't consider Quboz because they don't have an offer here. I have Tidal and Deezer. I would also like to see Spotify go HD. It's hard to understand why they don't.
  4. mixman
    Spotify goes HD, then game on. Apple will have to also.....especially since they are the premier tech company. If Spotify does it right with exclusive mode, might drop everyone else. If not, I will probably keep Tidal also. Qobuz and Amazon will go.
  5. ralong
    I tried Qobuz for the free trial, and it was lacking a lot of music i listen on Tidal, so it's a no for me.
  6. Robin82nl

    in stettings you got Music store in cachs what it do ? how much i need i got M11 with 256gb SD 100R/90R

    ty for help :D
  7. Left Channel
    That cache is for "offline listening", when you are not connected to Wi-Fi. Use as much space as you can spare.
    By digging the qobuz for hours, hardly I can change the monthly plan and/or cancel it.
    Hard, very hard w/o any logic.
    My qobuz - touch avatar - about - general term n condition - /// icon - my account - xxxx (my alias/nick) - les paramètres de.....(FR language) -> Me Désabomner (FR language) ====this is abandon in Eng.

    Omg!What tired
  9. Sound Eq
    i registered with qobus and i have todal

    I feel qobus always plays louder when i play the same album on both tidal and qobus, i feel that the qobus is like more upfront and tidal is a bit less forward sounding

    i am just wondering if others feel the same way
  10. Left Channel
    In general I prefer the sound of Qobuz, after ensuring the settings and formats match. To properly compare the mobile apps, disable Tidal's loudness normalization, or better still stream them both using the UAPP app. If on a desktop, use the same driver/output. Match source quality, CD to CD, MQA/Masters to Hi-Res. All that done, then as I said I prefer Qobuz, but they are missing albums I can find on Tidal so I still subscribe to both.
  11. Sound Eq
    i did al this, yes qobuz sounds great

    for example i am listening to michael jackson dirty diana 25th anniversary

    i feel qobuz just a bit more sharp sounding, sometimes this extra clarity and detail is great, but with a song like dirty diana it can be a bit too much, not that i am huge michael fan :)

    maybe i think its time to quit tidal, i do not know what to choose :), maybe keep both
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2019
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  12. TYATYA
    I am considering changeover tidal to qobuz.
    Still trialing if any problem other than cost.
    My local doesnt support officially.

    Tidal is flatten some tiny noise of a bad record. Some tracks didnt give difference, some does. Most of case I prefer qobuz.
    Sound imaging is difference on on sp1k->hd800s and macro detail also difference on sp1k->kse1200 (especially by the combo, decay of a instrument on qobuz is longer sometime why tidal seems cutoff)
  13. rkw
    I occasionally see misspellings and untranslated French words in the Qobuz PC and Mac apps.
    Just found one that made me laugh.


    Maybe that's how it's pronounced in French? :)
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  14. nbarnard36
    I've recently signed up for a Qobuz trial, using Roon and it's great...for the most part. I signed up for the Studio plan to include hi-res streaming, but I'm encountering issues with the higher resolution files playing properly. My internet speed test shows my connection to be at 10 mbps download speed, but I also see that speed dip at times. Pretty consistently any title off of Qobuz that is a higher resolution file will begin to play, and then abruptly stop after maybe 10 seconds and skip to the next track (playing Roon Radio).

    We live in a rural area where faster internet may not be easily obtained, or cost effective, though perhaps that may change...

    Does anyone know what Mbps speed is considered a good speed for streaming hi-res files (I wonder if this is the limiting factor of my setup)? Of course not all of Qobuz files are hi-res, but I wonder how this works in the reverse? Are all of the files that are available in hi-res on Qobuz available to stream on a lower tier streaming plan? I'm thinking to just downgrade my plan to the Hi Fi plan to address the issue I'm experiencing of higher res files not loading/playing properly. This is somewhat unfortunate, and not my preference, but I would like to know if there is something that I could do to help my situation. I'm using a cheap router supplied by my ISP, Centurylink, so not sure if it's possible that different router solution may possibly help (like one that separated wi-fi portion of duties)? I am using an ethernet cable between my server (Antipodes EX), so currently using a hardwired setup.

    Anyways, I am otherwise well pleased with my experience using Qobuz with Roon.
  15. Left Channel
    Can you use that trial to try the Qobuz desktop app and/or mobile apps? If those work OK then maybe it's something you can fix in Roon settings.
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