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Qobuz Lossless Streaming Service Thread

Discussion in 'Music' started by animeismylife, Jul 23, 2017.
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  1. dieterverberck
    Has Qobuz much old songs library in electronic musc and pop songs?
    I cant choose between tidal and qobuz
  2. Richter Di
    Seems to be only true for US clients. European are asked still to pay 24,99 EUR for Studio streaming.
  3. Left Channel
    That's disappointing. But I expect it to launch in Germany and the UK soon. Also Japan. Amazon has launched Music HD only there and the USA so far, and this is very likely a response to Amazon.
  4. Left Channel
    Tidal may still be ahead in pop, but Qobuz has been catching up quickly.

    I can only see what is available in the USA, so can't get into specific searches, but anyway I suggest you do a one-month trial of each and then decide.

    At the moment I subscribe to both while the Qobuz USA folks are building out their catalog, which is happening fast.
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  5. kumar402
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  6. rkw
    I wonder what Qobuz will do after January, or if they hit their 100,000 customer limit for the new pricing. I don't think it will be in their best interests to raise prices after this period.

    Realistically, I think 100,000 is ambitious and they might not reach it. That would be quadruple their US subscriptions since August, when they announced 25,000 had signed up in the US.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2019
  7. Richter Di
    It is for sure a response and also the need to quickly grow or give up.
    Amazon Music HD has also launched in Germany. So I am enjoying there offer to test it free as their Amazon prime customer. Better playlists compared to Qobuz. Sound still better on Qobuz.
  8. dlen
    I have cycled through Qobuz/Tidal, currently using Amazon HD.

    Two things that really keep me away from Qobuz are is the pricing and lack of android auto support (although they have fixed the later).

    If the pricing in Europe was reduced to the level of the offer in the US then I would certain move back.
  9. exdmd
    If you are in the US and did not get an email telling you about the new Studio Premier $14.99 pricing log in to your Qobuz account and check your country of origin. The email was only sent to those in the US. Even though I signed up for the beta test from the US for some reason Qobuz assigned me to the Great Britain shop. I am having to have customer service change me to the US.
  10. gimmeheadroom
    Still not available in Czech Republic!
  11. C_Lindbergh
    Neither Amazon HD or Qobuz is available in my country... So there's only Tidal here, would love more options like Qobuz.
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  12. dieterverberck
    Can you tell me who has the best 60,70,80,90 collection for pop dance.
    Im only listen to that period of music
    Via google i search my prefered cds from then but i mostly can find the most popular po dance.
    But qobuz is more for the eurpean market they told me
  13. gimmeheadroom
    I recently subscribed to Deezer hifi. Often I find albums that are missing or incomplete on Tidal are available on Deezer. Deezer app is not very good. The UI is ok but it uses the Windows audio stack instead of whatever DAC drivers you have but for me it's worth having because it's a good addition to Tidal's catalog. Prices here are pretty good for Tidal hifi and Deezer is only a bit more. Maybe look into Deezer.
  14. rkw
    Deezer only streams lossless on their desktop app (phone app streams up to 320 mp3).
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2019 at 6:05 PM
  15. JM1979
    thank you so much for posting this. I never received an email but was able to follow the link and change plans. I’ve cut my Qobuz subscription cost in 1/2.

    Qobuz is by far my favorite streaming service but I was beginning to think about switching due to costs. Glad I don’t have to think about that anymore.

    they are building our their US Catalogue very quickly.
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