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Qobuz Lossless Streaming Service Thread

Discussion in 'Music' started by animeismylife, Jul 23, 2017.
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  1. BobSmith8901
    I have even slower internet, maybe 4.8mbps on a good day. I've got a fairly dated router--a TP-link 300N. Now, I don't have Qobuz so take this for what it's worth.

    I have Tidal HiFi that I run through the Tidal Windows desktop app or Audirvana for Windows 10 and I can stream any CD quality or Masters Hi-Res without issue (24/96 and lower) on most days. No buffering out. The Tidal desktop app is more robust in my situation and needs a lot less hand holding than Audirvana in terms of its buffer settings (you can't adjust these in Tidal desktop but you can in Audirvana). With the Tidal app I can pretty much run roughshod over it and, at any resolution CD or MQA, hit the random button pretty aggressively and it doesn't skip a beat.

    I'm sure Qobuz is probably sending out some pretty high-information streams compared to Tidal though so this may not be a fair comparison. On the other hand, I tried another streaming service using Jriver Media Center for a time and I was able to stream up to true 24/96 but I got buffering out with anything over that, i.e., 24/176.4 or 24/192. I just couldn't adjust the buffer settings to accommodate it as it was just too slow internet. Anyway, you might want to try to adjust your buffers to the max and see what happens. It would seem that if your internet can't keep up you would buffer out on the same song but not skip to the next but maybe Qobuz radio does that. Can you just try a regular single Hi-Res song on Qobuz and see what happens, ie do you just buffer out and then regain the same tune when it catches up?
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  2. nbarnard36
    Thanks for the quick response! This is a great idea, and it is proving to be helpful. Playing the same files through the webplayer is working much better. Initially, I was seeing some strange issues where the song will continue to play, and showing the buffer line extending beyond what is playing, but the sound disappears (just playing files through my laptop speakers). Things became more stable, and not experiencing drop outs at the moment. Switching back to play the same file through Roon, and no go.

    I'm not sure what if any settings in Roon can be changed to address this, but it is interesting that there is a discrepancy between the webplayer and Roon.
  3. Left Channel
    The Qobuz app usually produces better sound than the web player, because it works directly with your sound drivers (WASAPI Exclusive or ASIO). Also, use of that app would be another test to compare with Roon and the web player. With those results available, I suggest then describing the problem on the Roon support forum.
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  4. Ableza
    I believe Roon's memory buffer size is fixed for both local and internet streaming, although some endpoints may have playback buffers that could be adjusted.
  5. nbarnard36
    Yes, the buffer size does seem to be fixed. It is an useful tool to be able to try streaming Qobuz from alternate platforms, such as from their own webplayer, but my bed is pretty much made for me in my situation with regards to Roon (Antipodes server). I've only just gotten into computer audio this year and Roon certainly played a role for me in making the move. I've long used digital music files for my portable devices, but have until recently held off from integrating digital file playback/streaming into my speaker system for a variety of reasons. My first priority is sound quality. That the sound quality from streamed files (locally and non locally) is now comparable to my other sources plus the file managing/user interface aspect of Roon has helped to make the transition appealing/enjoyable.

    In terms of my experience with Qobuz so far, hi res files continue to be a hit and miss affair. Occasionally, a hi res version of an album will play through without issue, but often this is not the case. Lately, I've been experiencing many instances where music will stop playing due to a 'log in error'. The remedy for this is simple, just click on the 'retry' tab and things are sorted, but not ideal. I'm hoping that this log in issue will not persist after my free trial period is over and I have a proper account? That was more yesterday than today though, as this hasn't occurred for the last several hours, but yesterday I couldn't go more than an hour without it happening. Meaning, there is always the hope that issues will just go away, on their own, or through adjustments/refinements/updates.

    Looking at a couple of Roon threads, issues like I've had are quite common. I read how a 15 mbps download speed is considered to be not sufficient for streaming the higher bit rate files (at least through Roon). It looks like I will be going with a 'cd quality' plan then.
  6. Robin82nl

    If i download song with qobuz on my Samsung Tap A can i sent it to my Fiio M11 ? I ask this thx nice Qobuz i app i get download fails and somes i can downloaden them on my Tap A 2019
  7. Left Channel
    If you buy it from the Qobuz download store, then yes. If you download a track for "offline listening" of a stream, then no, because you don't own it and cannot transfer it.
  8. dieterverberck
    Hi ,I want to subscribe to qobuz or tidal.
    But im not listening to recent pop ,rock, house.
    I am listening more pop rock of the 60 70's and newbeat trance house rave from end 80's to end 90's
    Who's has the biggest catalogue

  9. Left Channel
    I'm sure Tidal has a larger catalog in those genres. But if you can get one month trial memberships, I recommend trying both services to see if you prefer the catalog, UI design, and sound of one or the other.
  10. Double C
    Just received an email for a promotion of Qobuz Studio Premier for $15/month. Had to jump in...Im way in deep on these hi res streaming sites...sigh.
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  11. mixman
    Got the email too. This will save me $10 month. Right on time because I was just thinking about canceling too.
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  12. judson_w
    I got the email, and noted that it is for the first 100,000 subscribers and the offer expires on 31 January 2020. It is unclear how long the price lasts (i.e. is it locked in at $14.99 per month or $149.99 per year forever, or is it like Comcast deals where once a year is done, they increase your rates).

    Edit: I am torn on if I will jump on this at this point or not. Money is tight, but music is good... though I have spent more than I should this week already.
  13. Peter Hyatt
    I’d like that offer —-no email yet.
  14. shultzee
    I also just got the offer. May be a response to Amazons new plan. I am in.
  15. Left Channel
    There's the new lower pricing structure, with no more MP3 tier — though the MP3 setting is still available to save data — plus a special offer for new customers, an automatic switch for current monthly customers, and a special deal for current annual subscribers. I think I got that right. See these links:

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