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PSB M4U1 - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by swmtnbiker, Nov 13, 2012.
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  1. BillsonChang007

    Haha I will shoot you a PM sooner or later for that list xD including those I have demoed.

    Since this is a thread for PSB, here we go;
    PSB M4U1:
    I love it's SQ. Wide soundstage and amazing imaging for a closed headphones. Very neutral sounding yet the bass extends deep. Pretty well detailed without making anything harsh. If K550 can't fit your head, go for the PSB M4U1 xD
  2. husthn

    PSB is really good, is the structure made by plastic?
    Haha! Hoping for your PM.
  3. Zenthelld
    Hmm, in that case, did you give the PSBs time to burn in?

    Not that it matters I suppose, as you didn't get along with the form-factor at all.
  4. BillsonChang007

    It's made of plastic mostly but the joints are made of stainless steel. Not the most sturdy headphone but as long as you don't stretch it too hard or drop it, it will last you for a long term :)
  5. husthn

    Yep, plastic structure can always make the headphone lighter, and I am sure it will be comfortable wearing.
  6. Fullmetalsam
    Just got these yesterday and it's definitely a step up from the UE 6000 (not the same sound signature at all)... I'm still adjusting to the weight though - I couldn't believe how light the UE were when I was doing A/B testing.  Putting on the PSB felt like putting a brick on my head and the UE, they were light as a feather.
    I'm using them with FLAC files out of an iTouch 4G with a Go-Dap GD-03 and I find the pairing real great !
    I've tried the PSB right out of the iTouch - but the bass is not as present as with the Go-Dap.  I'm guessing they very much benefit from proper amping... Now I'm curious which other portable amps would work well with the PSB.
    Anyhow - this is my start in the "better audio" world and I'm pretty happy with what I've got right now :)
  7. mursu
    Hi guys,
    Late last year I posted the pics about cracking and was worried how long it'd be for them to break. I also posted a customer review on the PSB site about the phones, and PSB mailed me very quickly, that they'll replace the cracking issue phones saying that it's a production line problem that's supposedly fixed by then, so I suspect I either got a bum pair or more probably a pair from old stock(bought mine from amazon.co.uk).
    Anyhow, I didn't send mine to be replaced when I got the mail, I've mailed em back about it for more precise instructions how to do it, just decided to share how it's going. Props for their customer support, for now at least, let's see how it actually goes.
    Latest development with the cracking issue:
  8. BillsonChang007
    I guess because your head is too big for the plastic to stretch thus the result of it. Same goes to my glasses. Didn't replace it for 2 years because of my cheapskate. Now it don't look like a glasses anymore, more like a toy now. My head grown bigger and the glasses was too small to fit me xD

    If. I were you, I will get it replaced immediately! Not until it is broke!
  9. mursu
    Yeah, should have replaced it immediately, but meh, I guess I was too lazy to do it. :)
  10. Ethanp00
    Didn't know they needed time to burn in. I just thought that was with the higher end headphones, oops! However, the fit n finish (form factor) remained an issue for me.
  11. husthn

    So what about a comfort headband cushion,maybe it will help.
  12. Mitchgo

    I burned mine in for a couple hundred hours...and found the sound profile barely changed. They sounded awesome out of the box. They require less burn-in than any cans I've owned so far.
  13. Lespectraal
    How does this compare with the DT 880s and other balanced sounding headphones out there? I might just pick these up because of all the raving reviews I've been reading so far.
  14. mursu
    Didn't realise things like that exist, it might fix the problem temporarily.
    I decided not to send the phones in for warranty, too much hassle and cost as I'd have to send them to the UK from Finland. Came up with an idea to craft a wooden replacement for the plastic craptastic headband that snapped. I went with craptastic because after I disassembled the headband I saw how flimsy it in reality is, no wonder it broke. And the black spine it has embedded into it turned out to be rubber instead of metal what I initially thought it was, as on the cups themselves the band IS metal. Be happy if you have a pair that's not from this stock!
    Anyhow, the replacement, I'll try to craft one later this year. I inspected the original part and came to conclusion, that it shouldn't be hard to craft something very similar, but more durable, out of wood. The design itself on the band looks sound, it's just the material that is the letdown. 
    For now I'm trying a temporary fix  bi-component epoxy resin glue, but I doubt that'll last more than few weeks, if even the first try. 
  15. BillsonChang007
    Make sure you post some pictures on that xD
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