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PSB M4U1 - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by swmtnbiker, Nov 13, 2012.
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  1. husthn
    Haven't listened to M4u2, But Momentum sounds really good , and looks nicer than PSB
  2. Solitary1
    I bought these pretty much for on-the go for my iPad Mini with JDS C5 amp, BUT, plugged in to main system and they are holding their own with my Senns and AKGs. Scaling them up with my ALO Pan Am, Graham Slee Solo or audio-gd NFB-11.32 amps and they really shine. PSB have a winner with the headphones.
  3. BillsonChang007

    PSB and Momentum can be very different to one another although not Apple and Orange kind of different. The PSB for better soundstage and Momentum for bass.
  4. curtisngl
    Haven't ordered yet. Hopefully soon. I'll ipdate when I do.
  5. husthn

    Are you just talking about momentum on-ear? The over-ear ones just have a very good soundstage, too. And I don't think the over-ear one is for bass, it sounds nature.
  6. Cyberarhat
    Own 2 pairs of m4u 1, red and gray. Definitely my go to phones. Easiest to drive, straight from my 5S., they sound great no matter what kind of music I throw at them.
  7. Ethanp00
    I purchased the PSB M4U's a couple of weeks ago and was unimpressed with the overall fit and finish. They were way to bulky ( even on my big head). But still didn't fit over my BIG EARS very well. The plastic clicks and pops when putting them on or taking off. Also, folding them down (making portable) is difficult to say the least, making me wonder which time (in an attempt to fold them down) they were going to snap and break! Every time I put them on my ears began to itch where the padding touched my ear lobes. I was comparing these to my old D1100's and there was no itching with them. I just couldn't get comfortable wearing them. So, overall they felt very oversized, uncomfortable and I had huge concerns with their ability to withstand any long term use.

    As for sound, I may be of little help here and should probably leave the sound quality impressions to the pro's. Also, I'm not able to use much of the audiophile lingo here because I'm so new to these threads. So take my comments here with a grain of salt. Sound wise the only comparison I have of these cans is to a pair of Denon D1100's I bought a couple of years ago. For me the bass was tight and punchy but a little to quiet for me. The mids were slightly recessed. And the highs had a slightly higher sonic pitch that immediately gave me a headache with almost all music I listened to ie classic rock, country, due step, an hip/hop. I'm not sure but maybe an amp would have improved some of these sound issues though I know these cans should NOT need an amp!

    Lastly, I have been reading through these threads almost daily for a few weeks now and would like to thank all the head-fire members who take the time to help others and provide sound audio advice whenever applicable. Again thanks for all you do!
  8. Zenthelld
    Odd that you found the mids recessed and the highs too harsh. What source were you using?

    It's a shame they don't fit you well as well, I mean from the way you described I'd have taken them off my head before even listening I think. I do agree that they're quite big and heavy, and they do feel a little plasticy, especially when folding and unfolding them, but I love their sound so much that I happily overlook these shortcomings.

    Also, although I've only had very limited time with the Momentums (circumaural) I would say they're good if you're looking for a "fun" headphone with coloured sound, but the M4Us do neutral or "flat" very well, still sounding fun and musical at the same time.
  9. Ethanp00
    I was using a stock iPhone 4G
  10. Ethanp00
    It's funny you mentioned the Momentums because when I purchased the PSB's I had narrowed it down between those two sets of cans. Now, I wonder if I am asking to much from a set of headphones in that price range (which I find already to be overpriced) but then again I'm new to this subject matter.
    I enjoy music so much I'm now thinking of spending more and trying to put together a better set of HP with a or table amp. Specifically the HD 650's with a Fiio E12 using an iPhone 4. But I'm not sure if the amp will power them appropriately. I understand this is not a thread for that subject just thinking out loud. The more research I do the more confusing it gets! :)
  11. Ethanp00
    Table should have read portable in the above paragraph.
  12. BillsonChang007
    I was talking about the original Momentum. They sound way too bassy and lack of soundstage to me :) they do have pretty good timbre though. I would go for the PSB instead though as I am kind of a bass hater haha

    The E12 will for sure drive the HD650 but I do recommend getting full size, desktop amp for it for better SQ

    Hope it helps
    Billson :)
  13. husthn
    Oh, yeah, Bilson. Maybe I should have a try on PSB.
    It sounds that you've been a head-fi for a long time?
  14. BillsonChang007

    Yeap! The PSB is worth a try if not, worth to buy too xD

    I have been here for roughly 1.5year. Not too long, not too short :D
  15. husthn

    I'm just fresh here. Could you share some experience about the headphones which:D you have own ever?:D
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