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PSB M4U1 - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by swmtnbiker, Nov 13, 2012.
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  1. curtisngl
    I created a discussion about the psb m4u1 and the sennheiser momentum. Maybe some of you can help?
  2. Zenthelld
    Sounds like a lot more effort than sending it to the UK :p But the end result should be better. I'd love to be able to make my own wooden headphones.
  3. wakeride74
    How do these compare to the SRH 940's? I love my 940's but wwould like a more comfortable headband and find female vocals to be somewhat nasaly. Beeng looking at these, the dt1350, NAD, and Momentum for use at the office.
  4. curtisngl
    Can't say in comparison to the 940's. The NAD are supposed to sound pretty similar to the PSB. I would only consider the momentums if you have small ears. Smaller than average. Not just because of comfort, but sound too. The way they sat on my bigger ears muffled the sound. The momentums are very nice in every aspect and are very luxurious. The sound will also pretty nice to please many people. They handle intricate sounds very well and have good bass. Between momentums and the PSB, momentums will probably more enjoyable in sound, but the PSBs will show you clarity you were missing and great comfort for most ears, but with less bass.
  5. curtisngl
    I just plugged my M4U1s into my old pioneer home stereo with loudness on. Eric Clapton's "Layla" (unplugged/live) was on at the time. I was just stunned at how good these sounded. While the better amping surely helped, the ability to tune the eq a little combined with the amping simply blew me away! The bass was so clean and present. The acoustic guitars plucked so cleanly that competes with open backed headphones. All the various instruments were a beautiful palette and had their own little location to where they came from, though sometimes you would hear the instruments change their position in the landscape, which added a completely new sense of depth. WOW... I need an amp. I might steal my parent's stereo haha.
  6. BillsonChang007
    Glad you like your PSB M4U1! xD
    Happy listening
  7. Jess70

    Great songs for the PSB that I use to show off my PSB M4u-2's:
    Ride Across the River - Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms
    Hotel California (live) - The Eagles - Hell Freezes Over
    One   - Metalica  - And Justice for All
    Carolina In My Mind - James Taylor  - Greatest Hits
    Cleaning Windows - Van Morrison -  The Best of Van Morrison
    Let me Love You Baby (live) - Buddy Guy -  The Real Deal: Live
    Tom Sawyer   - Rush - Moving Pictures
    Homeless - Paul Simon - Graceland
    Violin Concerto In G Minor Op 8/2 - Vivaldi/Nigel Kennedy and the English Chamber Orchestra - Vivaldi The Four Seasons
    After the Gold Rush - Neil Young - Live At the Cellar Door
  8. curtisngl
    Cool, I'll try some out. I think they do really well on instrumental songs too.
  9. Jess70

    I love them with instrumentals as well.  I feel they also shine with female vocals.  Eva Cassidy and Fleetwood Mac are fantastic with the PSB's.  The songs I listed really show the ability of the PSB's to bring out micro-detail in a musical way throughout the musical spectrum of high's to lows.
  10. Sony Slave
    I just purchased the PSB M4U 1, they should come in 3 days. Coming from the Shure SRH840, I sort of know what to expect, I wanted a complete and total upgrade, not a "side grade." I also keep hearing how the PSB M4U 2 sound SO much better in active mode. if that is the case, shouldn't the PSB M4U 1 benefit from a Little Dot 1+, it has upgraded tubes and opamps? The Shures sound exactly the same amped. Does anyone know how these compare to the Shures firsthand?

    Also, how good is the isolation if you're in a cafeteria or classroom, the Shures worked OK in class, you had to turn it up loud. In the cafeteria, there was no point of using them.

    I'm in that state of mind of "Can it get better than this"? Lets hope so.
  11. sofastreamer
    everyone is telling that they sound similar to the nad viso, but similar means not the same. so i wonder where exactly their differences are soundwise?
  12. BillsonChang007
    Not sure either. Heard the NAD will have more bass and more airy presentation. More 3D too. Some find the NAD to be too airy which is odd. Some like the PSB M4U1 better
  13. Jess70
    I have heard that the PSB's have slightly more bass and forward mids than the NAD. I own the PSB M4U-2 and love them. I got to listen to the NAD's once in a store but could not do a direct comparison. But I defiantly noticed the difference in the mids.

    As for amping, the PSB-2 don't seem to gain as much from the internal amp when played through an external amp. However, it is nice to not have a stack.
  14. subguy812
    Mine just arrived....ready for a night of listening
  15. Jess70

    My PSB M4U-2's took about 2-3 hrs for most of the burn in. Play them overnight.
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