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PSB M4U1 - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by swmtnbiker, Nov 13, 2012.
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  1. HungryPanda
    @JWolf which Y cable do you have or did you make one yourself?
  2. Zenrap518
    Yeah... i cant find a Y cable that isn't 2.5mm or XLR... Im just gonna get a normal 3.5mm OCC. Also, it says on the listing that the cable has either silver Oyaide or MPS headphone jacks. Is that fine?
  3. JWolf
    The cable amterial will be fine. but not as good as it could be because it's not a Y. If you can build a Y or know someone who can build a Y, then you'll have better sound.
  4. Zenrap518
    I don't know how to make a Y cable or someone else who can make a Y cable.
  5. JWolf
    In that case, I would look on eBay at cables and see who is making custom cables at a reasonable price and ask if a custom Y-cable can be made.
  6. Zenrap518
    I don't wanna go through the hassle of that. I'll just get the cable.
    Also, which type of jack should i get? And for the Oyaide ones, which end goes into the headphones?
    Thanks :xf_eek:
  7. JWolf
    I can't say which end goes into the headphones. But after having heard a Y cable, I would go through the hassle. It is worth it.
  8. astenlet
    I have mine modified so that the right jack on the headphone is terminated and recable the inside so that i can use balance cable on the left jack without the use of a y splitter cable. Also on a side note i have ask some of my friend to tried and listening to it and they said the sound is almost as good as audeze el 8.
  9. florencephile

    there are plenty of options out there.
  10. JWolf
    I had my cable made for me. It's 5N OCC. Sounds quite good. Better than the cables that come with the headphones.
  11. HungryPanda
    Thanks for the reply, I will make one myself, just wondering did you have to disconnect the wiring between cups within the headphone first?
  12. JWolf
    No changes were made to the headphones.
  13. HungryPanda
    Cool, I'll get on the case. Might even make a balanced one.
  14. JWolf

    Let us know what you think of your Y-cable. Thanks.
  15. Toothless
    I use 2 separated cables and plug in the 2 headphone jacks of a Fiio E7. No difference that I could discern than when listening with single cable
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