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PSB M4U1 - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by swmtnbiker, Nov 13, 2012.
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  1. Jess70
    Which cable ? Can you post a link please.
  2. JWolf
    You need to toss out that new custom cable. It's not correctly made. To get the best sound, you want a cable that goes into both plugs in both left/right. You want to take the sound from your AK300 and put the same sound into both sides. Then you'll have better sound. Sorry you bought a cable that you'll now not want to use because it's not a s good as it should be.
  3. astenlet
    This psb have some work on the wiring inside that takes care of the 2 cable problem so now it is good from what i hear from it. I know what you mean by the problem for the original wiring on the inside that give some feedback to the sound. Now i have tries other cable from what i hear it have been fix of the problem.
  4. DynamikeB
    This is the same seller, but I don't find the specific cable anywhere.  It looks the same.  Maybe contact him and see.  It's a pretty much solid cable.  I love it.
  5. JWolf
    That's not the correct cable to buy. You want a Y cable with the same signal going to the left & right. You headphones will sound better. Trust me. I have such a cable and it works very well.
  6. DynamikeB
    Do you have a link for such a quality y-cable?  Thank you
  7. kennyj
    I picked up the Brainwavs HM5 velour pads for my M4U 1 last night and since there's very little discussion of them, I figured I should note my experience.
    If you find that the stock leather pads are too tight, too hot, too sweaty, etc. then it's an absolute upgrade for comfort.  The pleather pads would probably help as well, but I prefer velour for anything I have to wear for longer than ten minutes.
    They definitely bleed out some bass, especially sub bass, and leak sound in both directions as you'd expect from velour.  You can compensate with a bass-heavy amp or EQ, but if you're a bass head and/or don't have the option, this might be a deal breaker.  They definitely sound and feel more airy and open, even though they still don't come close to leaking sound as much as open headphones tend to.  If you blindfolded me in a quiet room and shoved these cans on my head, I might think they were open.
    Overall, I think it was a great upgrade for listening at home with a bass-boosting amplifier.  If I were using them on mobile / in public, I'd consider pleather instead.
    EDIT: I said "what the hell" and splurged on hybrid angled pads after writing this, figuring the "losing" pads would go on my Shure SRH840 at work.  They definitely bring back a lot of the bass - almost as good as stock - and for my perception, the soundstage is slightly improved.  That said, they only barely fit.  Meaning, they fit on my head but the cups have tilted as far as they're capable of to accommodate the pads.  They're also a little bulkier, in that the thicker half of the pad will naturally stick out further.  Overall, I think going hybrid is definitely worth it, but angled is harder to recommend based on fit.  Some people will find them better than others.
  8. kgs51
    I currently have the PSB M4U1 headphones and I really like them. I was looking to upgrade a little and I have read great articles on the OPPO PM3. Price wise they would not be much of an increase. However, I would like to know if the quality in sound is that much better. I would appreciate any help.
  9. PossiblyMaybe
    I've had the M4U1's for a year, and love the sound. I've tried the PM3's a couple of times, and recently compared notes on them with a co-worker who owns them. We sat side by side and swapped headphones, listening to Tidal HiFi through an Audioquest Dragonfly Black on a MacBook Pro.
    I didn't take notes at the time, but I found the soundstage in the PM3's to be a little wider, with slightly more precise imaging. (I was listening to Bjork's "Pagan Poetry," and found I could place the pinging, music-box notes of that track better than on the M4U 1's.) He, on the other hand, felt that the PM3's brought out some bass in one of his favourite tracks (something from Adele)--but maybe he was just saying that to make me feel better. :wink:
    I felt it was a close call, not a major upgrade in either case. I can say that I didn't think earpads could get more comfortable than the PSB's, but the Oppo's might just have them beat. 
    The Wirecutter lays out the differences in a lot more detail: http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-400-over-ear-headphones/
  10. Zenrap518
    Hi :)

    Recently, i just got my NAD Viso HP50, but they were uncomfortable, so i am sending them back and will most likely be getting the PSB M4U 1's. Some people like Bansaku have said that the PSB's sound better with an OCC Cable. Is this one good enough? http://www.ebay.ca/itm/A-OCC-Upgrade-Cable-Cord-Oyaide-MPS-X7-Eagle-for-ATH-MSR7-Sony-MDR-1A-Headphones-/281895610619?var=&hash=item41a249a8fb:m:mDE-oqe4Pa7Mdxqwk5I3hfA Also for this one, which end goes in the HP's? I cant tell...
    Thanks :)
  11. JWolf
    That cable is not good enough. What you want for for the PSB M4U 1 is a Y cable. I know you don't need a Y cable, but a Y cable sounds better.
  12. Zenrap518
    How much better do the Y cables sound? I would kind of prefer for the wire to only come out of one ear, while still having better sound. It's more convenient for me. In that case, how is the cable and which end goes in the headphones? Thanks :xf_eek:
  13. JWolf
    The Y cable makes a  noticeable difference. Take a mutli-headphone adapter and plug it into your source. Then take both headphone cables and plug them into the adapter and then both into the headphones. This way you can test a Y cable. But I have a proper Y cable and it is better.
  14. Zenrap518
    I think i'll just go for the normal occ cable since i'm having trouble finding a Y occ cable and dont want to mess around with making my own, it will be more convenient for me and at least somewhat sound better, and so i dont have to use an adapter all the time. In that case, how is the cable i linked and which end goes into the headphones? Also, is this cable silver plated occ copper? Or just occ copper? Apparently, silver plated occ copper will increase sibilance. Thanks :xf_eek:
  15. JWolf
    As for being silver plated, I would say no. It says no place in the listing and it would say if it was.
    Using a Y cable does not mean you need an adapter all the time. A Y cable needs no adapter. I'm using a Y cable.
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