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PSB M4U1 - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by swmtnbiker, Nov 13, 2012.
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  1. HungryPanda
    I have PSB M4U1 and my wife has Nad HP50 and both sound quite similar. I cannot wear the NAD HP50 as I have a smallish head and they do not fit
  2. Toothless
    I got these today for only 75$. Superb sounding can for sure, but the pads are not durable at all with my country tropical weather.
  3. Broo0d
    Used or new ? How did you get this price
    pads is not durable like you said.
  4. Toothless

    Lightly used. The former owner bought a new B&W P7, which imo, is a (much) worse sounding can compare to these PSB. It has a more quality build an a bling bling factor going for it though.
    The stock cable jack is a bit tricky. It seems a tiny bit longer than usual, so that It only sounds good with the stock 3.5mm to 6.5mm converter when I plug in the Schiit Magni.
  5. ahmonge
    I'm looking for a M4U1 replacement cable.​ Looking at the stock cable the straight jack that plugs into the cans seems to be 4-poled, so I would like to know if any cable witth both 3,5", three poled jacks will work or I need a special cable for the M4U1.
    Thanks for your help.
  6. JWolf
    For your replacement cable, what would make the M4U1 would sound better is to have a Y cable that delivers the same sound to the left/right and plug into both sockets of the headphones. Trust me when I say this will sound better.
  7. ahmonge
    Thanks for your answer, JWolf. Is there any aftermarket Y replacement cable suitable for the M4U1? It's a very rare headphone here, in Spain, which is really a pity, 'cause it has a great sound, neutral and quite natural. A great companion for my Fiio X5 II.
  8. JWolf
    I had someone make my cable.Maybe you can find someone here who can make you the cable. Or look on eBay to someone who makes aftermarket cables and send out a messages asking if such a cable can be made and how mich for the length you want.
  9. ahmonge
    Thanks for your suggestion. Still curious about the four pole jack.
  10. JWolf
    That's so you can maybe use a cable with a control on it.IMHO, for the M4U1, there's no need.
  11. astenlet
    Hi i have been using my m4u1 about 1 year now but now i just change to a 3.5 mm balance to 2.5 mm balance and the diference is so noticible. My current player is AK 300. The separation is definetly much better than the stock cable. 
  12. ahmonge
    Thanks, Astelnet. What cable are you using?
  13. astenlet

    Sry for the late reply i use local custom cable cales cypherus Audio. They modified some inside parts only little bit but it is definetly worth the money. Cypherus got a few page on head fi if you wanted to check.
  14. DynamikeB
    These are still my best over the ear headphones and I keep trying a lot.  Impressive overall product.
    I switched to the custom cable that someone suggested on ebay.  Subtle sound improvement, but great quality cable.
  15. astenlet
    This is my Psb with custom cable thanks to cypherus audio and my ak 300 IMG_7977.jpg
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