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PSB M4U1 - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by swmtnbiker, Nov 13, 2012.
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  1. mikey1964
    I'll be joining the club soon, just confirmed a deal for a PSB M4U 2, will be getting it real soon, can't wait!:D
  2. mikey1964
    Just got my can, officially a member as of now....[​IMG]
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  3. diamondears
    Congratulations. It's an amazing can. I enjoy it on an iPhone 6/6+ as much as on a dedicated DAC and amp. Good decision.
  4. mikey1964
    Thanks, it's surprisingly clean sounding, good mids and highs, with a nice punchy bass that is tight. When I listen to my Zenfone 2 or LG G Pro 2, the sound is quite engaging, especially with the built-in amp enabled, nice boost to mids and bass. Best part is, it cost me only about 135USD.......[​IMG]
  5. Bansaku
    That price is unreal! Nice and congrats!
  6. diamondears
    Where did you get it?
  7. mikey1964
    Thanks, really enjoying the nice clean sound even from my handphones.....the built-in amp really bring everything forward.
    I bought it off a member here who happens to be in the same neck of the woods as I am.[​IMG] Heck, I'll be getting an ATH-W5000 from him in about a week or so. I'd also gotten an ATH-AD2000 and HD800 from him as well.
  8. Tavilyn
    Hi all,
    So I've had a chance now to try a set of the M4U2 at home for a day and a half or so. I have the Fidelio X2 and a Fiio E10K to work with. I like my X2, though if I could find something fairly similar in a comfortable closed can, I might pounce and sell the x2 because closed headphones on the go are a better idea. Didn't realize how much I was going to like 'em when I got 'em, I suppose, but noise bleed is a problem.
    Anyway, a few thoughts and questions, sorta.
    1. If I turn on mode 2 (switch in the middle) on the M4U2, plug it into the E10K, I actually get even more bass slam than the x2, and sound is at least as clear, maybe clearer. I'd never define the x2 as muddy by any means, but sybillance is just a touch rolled off, and the M4U2 doesn't do this. Needless to say I was surprised.
    2. Does the M4U series ever get a lot more comfortable? I find with the size ans shape and pressure of the earcups, the M4U2 gets a little uncomfortable after awhile. My ears don't fit extremely well into these earcups either.
    3. Electrically speaking, if I ever want to use both the E10K and mode 2 on the M4U2, will I do any damage to either component? I don't crank my music, so I won't do damage to my ears.
    4. Gotta say that I loved the box on this. Nice and tight, a lot of love went into putting it together. Hardshell carrying case is nice too.
    I got these from a store for $299 CAD. I don't know if this is a good price, but it looked that way. Only thing is, these have to be returned in 10 days and I got 'em yesterday. Seriously wondering if I should send them back, try and sell my X2 here on HeadFi, or investigate some others.
    Others in mind are the HP50, the B And W P7 and the AKG K545. Bear in mind that I do like a little bass slam, even if it colours the music a touch; it's my one gripe with the B and O H6, it didn't really have quite enough extension for me down low. Wondering if any of you have any opinions or answers to the questions posed above. If so, I'd like to hear from you.
    One other general question which might go someplace else: If I did decide to sell my x2, I bought them about three months ago and have used them regularly but respocfully ever since. I got them for $300USD plus tax; what should I expect to sell them for, if I'm being reasonable?
  9. Bansaku
    2) If the M4U 2 is anything like the M4U 1 then yes, they really loosen/soften up and will fit like a glove. Both the headband and the ear-pads.
    3) Can't see any issues with the exception of possible distortion. Only if you crank both will it possibly pose a risk but your ears will give out long before.
    4) Yes, love the packaging, and the fact that it's made from recycled materials.
    Why would you want to sell them? [​IMG]
  10. Tavilyn
    I am thinking of selling them because I really can't justify owning multiple sets of cans at this point. Maybe when I have more money, but not right at the moment. I'd rather have one good set that I can basically use whenever and wherever I want to, as opposed to having a handful of sets which are quite similar except that one is open and another closed.
    Thanks for the feedback regarding comfort. It's good to know that they'll loosen up a little; I can live with the clamp factor, but it's a little surprising when I switch back and forth between these and my x2.
  11. intlsubband
    Welcome to the club! for me, the M4U2 does "fit like a glove", and I often have it for many, many hours on, without comfort issues. If anything, I feel them to be on the loose side ever so slightly.
  12. diamondears
    Of all the HPs I've owned, the PSB has the best fit. Everything is perfect in fit in the ears, the seal is perfect.

    The cups are perfect in size too. It's just big enough to fit my ears, which are on the bigger side. Having an LCD-2.2 before to compare with, I think having cups as small as possible like the PSBs is better because you get better deal and, more importantly, consistent positioning of your ears relative to the drivers and, therefore, you hear consistent sound. With the LCD-2.2s, you get a different treble as you move the cups relative to your ears. The ears' auricle/flap can block and roll off the high frequencies big time.

    So really great thinking by Paul S. Barton.
  13. surenintendo
    Hello guys, 
    Long time lurker, first time poster here. I recently bought the M4U-1 based on recommendations by the community and reviews.
    So far I really like the sound, but I have concerns regarding the headband; Mine has three white'ish lines underneath the glossy plastic that indicates possible internal cracks:
    It seems pretty minor, but I've had my Shure 750DJ's snapping on me before, so I'm very cautious about buying expensive headphones. My head size is slightly larger than average and I take care not to stretch the headphones much.
    My serial number is 17020_207xxx. I asked PSB, and they said my model was manufactured in 2012(!).
    Do you guys think the white'ish lines are normal? Is the headband eventually going to snap?
  14. diamondears
    Congrats. Just enjoy its sound. I wouldn't think anything of the white lines, unless it's an actual crack.
  15. Bansaku
    It just looks like the plastic layer got scuffed before the top gloss-coat was applied (well, fused). I wouldn't worry. Enjoy!
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