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PSB M4U1 - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by swmtnbiker, Nov 13, 2012.
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  1. surenintendo
    Ahh that makes sense. I noticed that the white lines are symmetric on both sides of the headband, so it may well actually be scuff marks from the manufacturing process. Thanks for the input guys! Now my mind can be at ease.. [​IMG]
  2. diamondears
    Anybody has bought/heard the new PSB M4U 4 IEM?
  3. Bansaku
    No, IIRC they have been delayed.
  4. diamondears
    Yeah, they announced June 2015 is the release. July now.
  5. Roll
    $299.00 expected on July 31
  6. diamondears
  7. Tavilyn
    So, I've had a chance to play with an AKG K545, and I'm honestly a little stumped. It seems like the K545 does everything the M4U does, and has even a bit more extension down low. It also fits more nicely and is lighter...not a game-breaker, but it does help. The M4U2 has noise-cancelling (which works really well, I couldn't hear an air conditioner fifteen feet away), and the amp which beefs everything up, but even without those things the K545 seems very similar. Do any of you have the K545, or have tried it enough to comment? Are there things I'm missing, maybe songs which would really put the M4U2 into a position where it played to its strengths in a way the K545 simply can't?
    I got the guys at the headphone store I bought the M4U2 at to give me more time with them. They're going to be changing their return policy to thirty days. Since my last message I've returned the PSB, but I have told them I was unsure and they said I could get them again and try for thirty days if I wanted.
    The more I play, the more I realize I like well-extended bass that can hit with authority when called for, but which doesn't overpower the hell out of everything. The x2 has it, mostly, but it's open, and I'm leaning more and more to closed cans. Wondering if the Focal Spirit Classic or HP50 is worth trying if I wasn't utterly wowed by the M4U.
  8. diamondears
    The M4U ain't bass shy, far from it. However, it gives deep bass only when the recording calls for it...:wink:
  9. Star2806
  10. Star2806

    Do you still think that the soundstage is as good/wide as your 598s?
  11. Bansaku

    Equal to greater. Impressive for a closed back headphone.
  12. Star2806
    Wow, really?[​IMG]  I'm really looking forward to receiving mine from the ebay auction, I won them for £79!  I have the Philips X1 which is quite refined but perhaps the bass is a bit wooly and the mids are a bit recessed.  Maybe the m4u1s could replace them if the soundstage is wide like the 598's.  Or maybe I could sell my Yamaha hph200's.
  13. diamondears
    IMHO, the M4U1 is leagues better than the X1 or even L1 (IMO L1 is better than X1).
  14. Mitchgo

    I think it's close. I use these phones every day, and I am still very impressed...they have that closed vibe in the way they feel isolated, but there is definitely a very wide (for closed cans) soundstage.

    I find them a bit hard to describe, because they have aspects of both, in a good way. If circumstances dictate I need to used closed phones, these are the ones I use, without exception. I still love them, and I have a hard time believing you can get a better closed can sub-300 bucks.
  15. diamondears
    I'm having a hard time believeing an over $300 will be better...definitely not the cans that I've sold...
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