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PSB M4U1 - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by swmtnbiker, Nov 13, 2012.
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  1. diamondears
  2. curtisngl
    Thanks for the links, definitely considering the cable. Has anyone opened the psb aux cable and taken a picture of the wiring inside? Just curious.
  3. diamondears
    The PSB M4U 1's bass and sub-bass articulacy is amazing. I'm not only talking about presence or quantity, I'm talking about micro-detail definition and precision.
  4. curtisngl
    I agree, though on some tracks I feel they can lack impact or full-bodied sound. The biggest culprit however is just the way the music is recorded as well. The M4U1 will excel in genres with overly bloated bass, often being pop and rap, while I find them often falling short with some rock music. Again, it is really specific to the recording and song style, for example, I find the M4U1's to play perfectly with most songs by Chevelle, with plenty of bass, and overall well articulated all around.
  5. Jess70

    Source matters. I felt the same when playing through my iphone. Through my Fiio X-5, the authority/presence is there and the low end extends deeper. The M4U benefits from more power than a phone puts out.
  6. diamondears
    My PSB M4U 1 improves on clarity and imaging separation using both my iFi nano iDSD and iFi micro iDSD, no doubt. But using my iPhone 6 or 6+ using the stock Music app, the bass is amazing compared to the Onkyo HF Player app. I think Apple Has dramatically improved its audio SQ and/or its Music app.

    So I'd suggest using the newest version of the stock Music app for iPhone 6/6+ users.

    And with the OCC HP cable, the bass is really wow. I keep comparing the M4U 1 to my LCD-2.2 (has OCC cables too) and I can't help but really be amazed at the PSBs, moreso if you account for its efficiency (LCD-2.2s needs an amp). I keep comparing the two as I'm always worried thinking I may be into psycho-acoustics...but my impressions on the PSBs keeps on being confirmed every time.
  7. Bansaku
    Glad someone noticed this as well. Sometime around or shortly after iOS 8.1.0 I noticed the sound quality using the built in Music app drastically improved, so much so that I no longer use my 5th Gen. iPod and Onkyo HF Player and Accudio unless I need to EQ down my VSonic VSD2S. Confirmed on both the iPod Touch 5th Gen. and iPhone 5. 
  8. curtisngl
    I pulled the trigger on an Amazon warehouse deal on a fiio e11k. Despite the description of possible cosmetic imperfections, the thing is in perfect condition, and more importantly it is absolutely perfect with my PSB M4U1. I wanted to get an amp before a better cable, and I'm so glad I did. The bass boost is absolutely perfect for the PSB, as it just barely adds some more emphasis and presence to the music, but rather than narrowing the soundstage and bleeding, the soundstage is much improved, and if that wasn't enough, the amp eliminated the shrillness I found on some songs that had less dynamic quality whether bass boat was on or not, meaning less fatigue and better sound!
  9. Bansaku

    +1 Fellow Head-fiers seem to think upgrading to a better than iPod source has little returns, I disagree.  While a portable device powers the M4U 1 with ease, upgrading them amp, in my opinion, is only beneficial. I almost picked up an E11K for $75 (used) 2 weeks ago but in the end I settle for the Little Bear P2 2X tube amp for $60 (all in CND) from eBay. Simply put, paired with the M4U 1 it sounds amazing. Now the waiting game for my 61JP-EV 1966 Svetlana from Russia and a pair of GE 5654JAN from the good ol' USA.
  10. curtisngl
    Cool, I was considering a tube amp too as it would make a cool little desk piece as well. And yeah, a good quality amp can only make improvements, but at the same time, in my case the return is still little. The amp doesn't change much about how these headphones sound, which is exactly what you want in this case, the amp just ever so slightly tweaks them into near perfection (because nothing is ever perfect in audio).
  11. diamondears
    Make sure you don't get an amp with gain as the M4U1 is very efficient. It sounds great in my 1x gain O2, even greater than my iPhone and iFi gears. iPhone 6/6+>iFi micro iDSD>O2 is really great.
  12. Bansaku
    Yes. For the M4U 1, get an amp for it's sound, not it's power. Personally I like solid state amps for their potentiometers; smooth volume control. The Little Bear P2 I got is only capable of driving headphones up to 120 Ohm which is fine for the M4U 1. And yes, it's volume pot is silky smooth.
  13. diamondears
    I'm getting the "itch" right now, though I'm still enjoying very much my portable iFi gears...anybody has tried the PSB M4U1 and iPhone with the Leckerton Audio portable integrated DAC+amp?
  14. diamondears
    I've never seen a review/comment/impression of the PSB M4U 1/2 that's not great. Wonder why this isn't that popular as some HPs.
  15. Bansaku

    Advertising. By the time Jude got around to putting up his video interview with Paul Barton most stores had sold all of their stock (and not replenish) as the headphones were a couple years old. It's not like they didn't sell well (the opposite) but in all honesty, who outside of audiophiles know of PSB speakers, let alone that they now make headphones. Also, there must be some politics involved; Confuses me why I'd write a massive detailed review on the M4U 1 only to see 'yet another' AT ATH-R70 or HFM HE-560 highlighted on the front page (not to insult their authors, but recently they have been rather lacking in substance), or worse a cheap pair of Chinese IEMs.
    Ah well, I KNOW I have a killer set of cans that blow most out of the water in sound quality. Puts us M4U 1/2 and HP-50 owners in an exclusive club.
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