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PSB M4U1 - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by swmtnbiker, Nov 13, 2012.
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  1. diamondears
    Yes, they don't rub, but is very close, almost like they're designed for each other. Here, took some pics for you:

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  2. Bansaku
    Fantastic! And thanks again! I just may pick up the 2.5m one and cut it in half and solder to a 6.35mm plug! Right after I buy some Russian tubes for my new Little Bear P2 (Clear).
  3. curtisngl
    I've also been looking for an upgrade cable. Where can I get one such as the occ cable? Here's what I've found so far, and this seems like a pretty nice cable:
  4. diamondears
    I don't recommend any silver cable. Get an OCC only cable. OCC cables pretty much sounds the same, so no need for expensive ones, just reasonably good build. I'm using an Oyaide HPC-35 that you can get for around $50, and I highly recommend it.
  5. diamondears
    The sibilance on the PSB M4U 1 is bit more than realistic, and this will be cleaned up totally with an OCC cable. With silver, I'm afraid it will emphasize the sibilance. Perfectly ok if that's your preference. But me, the sibilance is perfect with the stock cable when I want the sound to sound "audiophile-like", more analytical. If I want it to be more realistic, I use the OCC cable. This is another thing I like with the PSBs, very easy to swap cables. It's like tube rolling without the distortions...:)
  6. curtisngl
    Where can I get such cable? Don't see it on amazon, do you have a link to the right one?

    Hm, interesting. I own a silver cable for my shure se215, I noticed a boost in the sub-bass, and I guess it did give the treble sparkle which I didn't think about since that model has a very warm sound. I'm mainly hoping for sub-bass improvement with my PSB M4U1, and not sibilance.
  7. curtisngl
    Another reason I am interested in cables such as the one pictured however, is that they are handmade and they seem to respond to customer requests, so it is possible I could have them custom make it split into two channels, since I dont have materials or extra 3.5mm plugs like the ones they use to do it myself. That would also make upgrading the internal wiring extremely easy.

    I would have to think about splitting though since I do like how they are connected channels that way, as running two sources through them works quite nicely.
  8. diamondears

    The OCC improves on lower frequencies, but doesn't alter the higher frequencies. So it would improve the sub-bass. It's like the lower frequencies could pass thru the cable better/faster now.
  9. diamondears
  10. Bansaku
    Yes, and equally addictive!
    The 2.5m Oyaide HPC-35 cable is only $54 + free shipping on Amazon. That is an excellent price for a cable, period, let alone one of such high quality. Think I might order it on Friday. 
    Edit: Nice, they also sell a version for the HD598!
  11. intlsubband
    I guess that's an advantage of the 1 over the 2, because for the 2 you need specific plugs - plain 3.5 to 3.5 mm will only work in passive mode...
  12. diamondears
    What kind of plug is needed for the 2?
  13. intlsubband
    Basically I think it needs a TRRS 4-poles plug. "Plain" 3.5mm cables only work on passive mode, and when you turn on active or NC mode, it goes silent.
  14. diamondears
    I see. How's the 2's ANC in real life? The FR graph at innerfidelity.com when on ANC mode looks wonky especially on the bass to sub-bass.
  15. intlsubband

    I terms of sound, i think the difference between NC and active modes is much more subtle than the graph may suggest. Maybe slightly more v-shaped sound sig, but not very different at all to my ears at least.

    In terms of the NC itself, it's good. Not as good as Bose qc 15/25, but still very good for flights, I fly pretty often and it makes a huge difference!
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