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PSB M4U1 - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by swmtnbiker, Nov 13, 2012.
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  1. AGreaterMonster
    Because you have the Momentums & PSBs, you are the perfect person to ask! I assume you are talking about the over-ear Momentums? Not the on-ear?
    I have kind of biggish ears--stick out a bit, not super weirdly but it is hard to find headphones that don't impinge on my ears and make them uncomfortable. The Momentum's cup brushed up against the edges of my ears and that was uncomfortable for long-term wearing. I'm thinking of getting these PSBs for commuting, about 45 minute train ride. Are these cups bigger and deeper than the Momentums? Do you think they would fit well over larger ears?
    Thanks for your advice!
  2. BillsonChang007

    Yes, the PSB pads are bigger, and deeper than Momentum. However, if you are very concerned about the comfort, the Denon AH-D600 will be a better suit :)

    Hope it helps
    Billson :)
  3. AGreaterMonster
    Thanks for the tip! I was interested in the PSB for portability, to use on my commute. Due to the folding nature, it seems like it would work better for that?
  4. Bansaku
    The M4U1 are $150 (50%) off at The Source. I am really considering picking up a pair. They have been on my radar for quite some time and I just may pull the trigger. If I do pick up a pair I will do a quick head to head with my current inventory stock.
  5. BillsonChang007
    Yeap. But when folded, they are still kind of huge compared to H6 IMO

    I'd say GO FOR IT! Thats one sweet sweet deal!
  6. jackstack10
    Would this be a good headphone for gaming and music?
    I play a bit of FPS, a lot of RPG, listen to rap and a variety of others, want some decent but not overpowering bass and am looking for something to buy for myself around Christmas.  I've been looking for some and saw these, the beyerdynamic 990, 770, audio technica ad9 and 700.  I like the design and have seen good reviews but am looking to get the best set of phones I can for around 300.  Anyone rec these for longer gaming sessions and music listening?
  7. Bansaku
    I pulled the trigger and grabbed the last pair of Diamond Black. First off, I just want to say that I have had nothing but the highest respect for Paul Barton. What he did with the NRC and loudspeakers literally set the standard. PSB speakers are amazing and very reasonably priced. It is no wonder the M4U 1 has been on my watch list since they were released. Not only have the made their way to Head-fi's buyer's guide, but have taken the top spot for $300 over-ear at Wirecutter for the second year now. So, what do I think? 
    The hype is real!!  [​IMG]
    Fit is great. I don't find the clamping force to be too much at all. Yes, the M4U 1 are a little on the heavy side, but it is not too bothersome. The headband is comfy and doesn't irritate the top of my head nor feel warm. The ear pads fit like a glove (are they leather or faux?), and my ears do not touch the back grille cloth at all (I do have ears of a wood elf). Wearing glassed doesn't seem to pose any issued either other than a slight rubbing noise it makes as it moves across the pad. Speaking of the ear pads, BIG KUDOS to PSB for including a second pair! And two cables and adaptor. My only gripe is that the standard cable without mic should have been thicker and have a 6.35mm plug as standard. Oh well, I can simply buy an aftermarket one. Anyway, on to the sound.
    Absolutely beautiful sound. Everything these headphones promise deliver! The M4U 1 is the closest thing to having loudspeakers strapped to head. Frequency response is perfect; Bass is fast, tight, and powerful yet completely controlled. No bloat, no bleed, nothing sounds overly boomy and instruments/sounds have accurate weight and outstanding texture/detail. I don't think I have heard such clean sub-bass in a set of headphones that can be compared to a dedicated woofer. Midrange is so ******* smooth, upfront, detailed, lush, addictive. No discernible glare or peakiness. Treble extends well with  great crispness and sparkle yet never fatiguing, harsh, or overbearing, and can be summed up with one word; sweet.
    Soundstage is amazing, delivering a very open sound that rivals open backed cans. While they are not the most 'airy' of headphones, for a closed-back design it excels above the curve. Imaging is absolutely spot on and the instruments have great transparency. Nothing feels congested.
    Everything I have said so far is great and all, but where the M4U 1 really shines is in presence and timbre. All I can say is wow! Impact of percussion instruments is nothing short of amazing, giving you the sense of being very close to the source. Snares pop and kicks slam with authority while cymbals slash with great attack and decay. Brass have great bite and sound very brassy. Bows can be felt as they are dragged across the strings. Guitars, both electric and acoustic are perfectly rendered; you can feel the distinctness of picking and plucking. And vocals, holy smoke are they even good. Perfect in my book. From Leonard Cohen to Mark Knopfler, Dave Mustaine to Seal, male vocals are incredibly rendered with good weight and body. Female vocals are even better. Whether be the classic style of Linda Ronstadt or the operatic power vocals of Floor Jansen, the female voice comes across with incredible clarity and range with never a hint of harshness or accentuation of the sibilance.
    While the M4U 1 excels at many genres of music, it fairs equally with both movies and games. Watching the first 15 minutes of Pacific Rim was awesome! We are talking about big theatre sound with precision. Every nuance of the opening scene could be heard with great imaging and sense of surround while the voices remained tight and focused. Switching things to games, I played a little bit of WoW. Wow is right! Spells and effects excite, dialogue much like Pacific Rim came across with great clarity. Anyone who is familiar with World of Warcraft or at least it's music know's just how beautiful and epic the musical score is, and the M4U 1 delivers in spades. Lets just say I don't think I have heard such impact and resonance with the 'war drums' outside of standing next to them in person (which I have done, and played). I can't wait to see how well a game like the latest Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare sounds.
    I know I said I would do a quick comparison of my headphone inventory to the M4U 1 but in all honesty, I cannot take them off my head. For $300, the M4U 1 is one hell of a steal. I don't know how PSB manages to sell these so cheap (probably good deal in the China plant). At $150 (plus a $25 gift card) I struck gold. So far I like these more than my Momentums, more than my T 70, even more than my HD598. This speaks volumes for the M4U 1.

    In all honesty, the M4U 1 utterly destroys the DT 770 Pro like the Battleship Yamato vs a fishing troller. I highly recommend the M4U 1, they are amazing!
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  8. jackstack10
    Thanks for the recommendation.  I will consider them for sure.
  9. jackstack10
    Damn, last diamond black.  That was the color I considered the best[​IMG]
  10. jackstack10
    Have some questions about their build quality. They look kinda plasticky. Do they break or scratch easily?
  11. Bansaku

    Simply holding them you would have no reservations about their build quality. One word: SOLID They are not light or cheap. I would NOT use the term plasticky in any way; they are actually constructed of the same quality plastic that Sennheiser uses (such as my PC350 which simply will not scratch!). There is actually a fair bit of metal used for the mechanical parts (cup swivels, folding mechanism) and I don't foresee them breaking any time soon. Granted I have only had them for a day, though I do know the material used and can vouch for it's quality.
  12. jackstack10
    Thats good. I really like the design but that was my only real concern.
  13. Bansaku

    There actually was a few reports about the headband cracking where the extenders enter the band when they first came out, very similar to the Sennheiser HD598. Much like Sennheiser, PSB quickly rectified the problem and there have been no reports since. FYI, PSB takes quality control very seriously. You don't hear much, if any negatives against the company or their products.
  14. jackstack10
    Would the Creative Sound Blaster Z be a good card to pair this with for gaming and music?
  15. clemmer8
    Just bought the PSB MRU 1 on sale and finally buned them in and wow do they ever sound good. They do need 50 to 60 hrs burn in time to rock. Playing them on a Schiit Vali Tube Amp with the matching modi dac. Sound is just amazing, sure glad I picked them up for 1/2 list price.
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