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PSB M4U1 - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by swmtnbiker, Nov 13, 2012.
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  1. Bansaku
    I Listen to a lot of rock and metal (Rush, Iron Maiden,Megadeth, EPICA, Rob Zombie, Blind Guardian etc.) and electronica. The M4U 1 sound amazing; I would consider them bass-lovers headphones. The M4U 1 slam and rumble all right, but only when the track calls for it and it is appropriate, detailed, and full of energy not found in the other headphones mentioned. Never bloated, boomy, or bleeds into the lower mids at all. In fact, the M4U 1 sound fantastic straight out of a iPod. I choose my headphones carefully and only keep those I deem worthy, and I would have no problems recommending anyone get the M4U 1. They really are that good.
    Watch for my HUGE review on the M4U 1 complete with pictures in the upcoming days.
  2. Tavilyn
    Rumble and slam when it's called for is an absolute must. Not everything has that quality, so not everything should receive it. The x2 is good for this, since the absolute worst it does is push the bass a little forward when it might be better suited back a bit. It has never ruined a track for me, or even come close.
    If you say the M4U1 doesn't ever ruin stuff, at least not by excluding bass or by including too much, then that's good. Putting stuff where it's supposed to go is a trick a lot of headphones struggle with. The HD598 does it, but it's too polite about it. The HP200 to my ear just can't get anything all the way right, though it's got potential. The x2 puts almost everything right, but rolls off its treble just a bit and punches its bass up a little.
    I'm really excited to find and try these now. I live in Canada, so I'll have to find somewhere that sells them and which, most importantly, will let me send them back if it turns out they aren't for me.
  3. curtisngl
    If it's the bass you worry about, well there is no need to do so as long as you have a decent amp. Coming straight out of an iPhone you'll get pretty good sound, but rock genre can can kind of blur the guitars together when you have a lead guitar going with a rhythm guitar on top of a bass. Typically you'll see that more in punk-ish genres, the way they just sort of keep a continuous strumming rhythm. I actually don't own an amp, but I plugged my m4u1 pair into an old pioneer stereo, and damn, that bass could pound if I wanted it too without hurting the music. That's where I could really hear where that "roomfeel" claim comes from, as they sound and are presented like a pair of nice tower speakers, but you have all that right next to your ears and with better sound stage of course.
  4. curtisngl
    Speaking of no amp, what do you fellow users recommend for these cans? What are some of the cheapest/ most portable also. I really just want to get a little more bass depth out of them without hurting their sound obviously.
  5. squee116
    I went from using the M4U1s with my iPod and Sandisk to using it on my PC setup, paired with a Schiit Vali.  I actually didn't notice much difference on the whole.  I think that's the thing about these.  They utilize MOST of their potential on portable sources.
  6. Tavilyn
    I have a FIIO E10K I was thinking of putting my cans through. See if that helps any. It has a bass boost, which is pretty modest, so I might be able to get base colour that way if I want it.
  7. Bansaku
    The Source is where I got mine!
    Edit: Hate to say it, but it looks like the are no longer carrying the M4U 1. In all honesty they were damn hard to find, let alone in stock locally.
  8. Tavilyn
    I've found an audio shop that might, just might, have them, so maybe I'll call 'em in the morning.
    I have one other point of comparison, by the way. Have any of you guys tried the Blue Mo-Fi? Just found it, and it sounds too good to be true. Good solid sound, an integrated amp, and the same price in Canada as the PSB M4U1.
  9. Bansaku
  10. Tavilyn
    Yeah, that's the article where I found the Blue Mo-Fi. I just don't know if it's gimmicky or actually substantive. Head-Fi doesn't seem to say much about it when closed cans come up; I've been here almost a month and that was literally the first time I'd seen them mentioned. You hear about P7s, Momentums, the M4U1/M4U2, Nad Viso HP50, plus some Shures and some Denon models, but not this other one.
  11. Bansaku
    Sorry for potato quality, but look what I did. Was bored and curious if it could be done. In my opinion, this is what the supplied cable should have been.
    P.S. That is not a crappy tape job rather heat shrink covering an awesome tape job! [​IMG]
  12. Tavilyn
    Does anyone have any side-by-side comparison between these and, say, the AKG K550? The pSB has decent but not thumpy bass; will the AKG seem anemic next to that?
    Also, what about Shure SRH1540? They seem a bit bigger over the ear, and much more generally comfy. The price jump is fairly big, but if Shure's sound quality would crush the PSB, it might be worth a listen.
    If you've seen me ask at least a bit of this before, I apologize. Just trying to cross-reference if possible. I have a couple of Amazon returns pending refund, and once they do I'm going to try and get hold of a PSB M4U2 and P7 for some side-by-side. There's a shop in Toronto that will sell both, and which will take them back in under ten days with full refund less shipping. The M4U2 is the same price as the M4U1 elsewhere. If neither of these ends up being what I want, I may have to look more seriously into the Shure SRH1540, the AKG K550 or some other closed option entirely.
  13. Jess70

    I have compared the PSB's and the P7 and prefer the PSB. The P7 bass is slightly bloated and over-emphasized. I love the neutrality of the PSB's and found them to be more resolving of detail when using a good source/lossless.

    PS: Source matters for bass. My PSB's thump on my Fiio X-5 and not so much on an iPhone.
  14. intlsubband
    Did you turn these into balanced? if so, that would be really interesting! I have M4U2 and would love to somehow get them balanced with a 2.5mm AK plug.
    On some occasions, I did plug 2 separate sources into the headset. One with music and the other one with my keyboard, so I can jam along with the music. Works perfectly!
  15. Bansaku

    Semi-balanced. Unfortunately there is still the return channel that connects the left/right cups that runs through the headband. After my warranty is up I will open the cups and probably snip the wires.
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