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PSB M4U1 - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by swmtnbiker, Nov 13, 2012.
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  1. Sony Slave
    I think might actually keep the PSB's, if there is one thing they do REALLY well, it's definitely for gaming.

    I play BF4 and Blacklight Retribution, both of these games sound AMAZING on this headphone. The immersion, details, and ambiance is great.
  2. Sony Slave
    They are up for sale if anyone is interested.

  3. Jess70
    I love the synergy of my PSB's with the Fiio X5 DAP.  Some others on the X5 thread have also mentioned the great synergy of these two. 
    I have the PSB-2's and I get no improvement in SQ with the PSB internal amp on vs off.  In other words the PSB-1's should get most of their sound potential from the X5 without additional amping.
  4. LiteKirby
    I love my M4U 1's, only got them last Friday or so, but have been enjoying them since then
    Out of my Bifrost Uber + Asgard it reminds me a lot of the HD600s, just like a "closed" sounding HD600, and they sound excellent out of my X3 --> Mustang setup
  5. Zenthelld
    I just put some cut up foam (that came free with a phone case I got) under the back parts of the ear pads. It makes them much more comfortable (as they used to dig into my ears after an hour or so) and tilts the drivers more towards ones ears. So far it only seems to improve sound quality, if anything. Certainly hasn't lowered the quality.
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  6. curtisngl
    Brilliant! I just did it with some scraps of memory foam I found. This also really helps because one of my Earpads was more plump than the rest. I did it all the way around, but I may try doing it just in the back like you did.
  7. JML
    If you think you need more space or padding, you can always try the old "PhatPad" mod, which uses thin latex tubing cut to size, with the ends glued/taped together.  Put the resulting ring inside the ear pad, between the pad and the driver housing.  There are various sizes of latex tubes you can get from surgical or diving supply houses.
  8. Wildcatsare1
    Just received mine from TTVJ yesterday, listened directly from my IPhone and E17, so far I really love them for portable listening. I have a fairly big head, played linebacker for Arizona a few years back, and I am not having comfort issues. Maybe a bit warm, but hey it's June. Can't wait to try out the new, quieter, low and high gain Lyr 2.
  9. Zenthelld

    Yeah one of my earpads is a bit more pressed in at the top; weird.

    I actually got this idea from someone in the HP100 thread, but they used tissue paper. I've got enough foam to put all the way around, but I quite like it like this at the moment.
  10. Hifihedgehog
    I am in the market for a new pair of headphones and the PSB M4U 1 are in my radar. I am more educated and well-experienced this time around, what with having listened to virtually all the dynamic headphones on the market earlier this summer at Sweetwater. Included in those I listened to were the HD600 and HD800, which have now become my favorites. Not included were the PSB M4U 1 and, having seen the glowing reviews at The WireCutter, they are at the top of my list of headphones to demo.
    Do any of you fellow Head-Fi'ers own the Sennheiser HD600 or HD800 and also the PSB m4u-1 and could weigh in on them? I still will have to listen to them before I buy them but I really would appreciate opinions because it helps me gauge what to look out for in my listening sessions.
  11. BillsonChang007
    I personally like the NAD Viso HP50 over he PSB M4U1. If you are looking to use these closed headphone for outdoor use, I believe they will be suitable but if you were to buy them to replace or complement the HD600/HD800, it may not be a smart choice as far as I remember, the Sennheisers are more refined and more bassy than the NAD by just a little. 
    Hope it helps
    Billson :)
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  12. Nomadtech
    I am trying to decide which pair of headphones to purchase. The two I am looking at are the PSB M4U 1 and the SoundMagic HP150s. Unfortunately I do not have the option to listen to them so I have to decide by reviews which I have read a lot of them. From what I have read I really can't go wrong with either but I am having a hard time deciding.
    The SoundMagic HP150 have the comfort factor but from what I have read the PSBs do sound a little better. Is it enough for $80.00 difference I do not know. I really like the looks of the PBS but I see most of the complaints are comfort. Do I take a small hit on the sound quality for comfort?
    Please throw your opinions at me so I can have some help deciding. I haven't seen any direct comparison reviews for these two cans head to head.
    I appreciate your input.
  13. BillsonChang007
    Only the PSB M4U2 (ANC feature) is slightly heavy to wear, the PSB M4U1 is comfy
  14. squee116
    It's hard to compare them, as I've only got the PSB's, but I can say they are very comfortable, and I have a largish head.  What kind of music do you plan on listening to?  Do you have a preference in the sound? (warm, neutral, dark, etc)  If you tend toward neutral, PSB M4U1s are amazing, and for some ungodly reason, I've yet to hear a pair of heaphones that make female vocals shine more than these.
  15. dbkelly
    Hi -
    I'm also looking to move up to a better HP and have been doing quite a bit of research. One of the models I'm considering is the AKG K550 which I've seen mentioned in posts for the PSBs but have not read anyone comparing the two. Anyone have experience with both? Both models have more positive, glowing reviews than any other model I've read - either one seems like they'd be a safe bet and I wouldn't have buyers remorse.
    Also, I live in NW Pa and have to rely heavily on reviews to make audio purchases as there really isn't anywhere close by to audition different models. The only Hi-Fi shop in town sells only Grado HPs (I have their SR60 model which I love!). Our Best Buy store doesn't display anything but Bose and Beats. So, yes, all your thoughts and expertise is really appreciated!
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