Producing/Mixing Headphones
Jul 30, 2010 at 8:19 PM Post #16 of 17

"flat response" IS a good sound signature if the music was produced well.


Yes i agree. I'm so lucky ( becuase i need a flat response for my mixing/producing) that I acually prefer that sound sig but not everbody likes it.
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Regardless of which headphones you decide on, you will need to get used to them.  The same is true of any nearfield monitors that you would use for mixing.  I use HD650, and have been very successfully with them.  In fact I am to the point now where I can mix on them just as well as with my nearfield monitors.  Of course due to the very nature of headphones you could never really mix with only headphones and produce a "radio ready" mix.  You really need a combination of phones and monitors.

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