1. BullHorn

    Overdriving/Distorting headphones

    Hi guys,   My Audio Technica D40fs (bass boosted) sound great when playing music or watching movies but I mainly got them for what they were advertised for - the bass.   I tried using them to record/monitor bass guitar but it didn't take much for them to start distorting. What do you...
  2. CaptainDesslock

    help me find the perfect phones, i'm too picky!!!

    Hello, I registered here because I am on the slippery slope of seeking headphone nirvana and I can't do it on my own, nor have the money to shell out for expensive headphone after headphone.  My sudden need for better cans came after seeing my favourite band Muse live, the explosions of...
  3. glebo2007

    Producing/Mixing Headphones

    Hi,   I'm looking for a headphone to use as an alternative to my monitors to analise and do some mixing. My budget is around $350.   Do you have any suggestions for a good set of cans?   Thank you.  
  4. johnnymitch74

    AT d40fs pads

    Hi all, I need to replace the pads on my ATH-d40fs cans, and am wondering if there is an aftermarket pad that offers a little more isolation. I didn't see any previous topics about this headphone. Any of the other AT pads? beyer?   Thanks!
  5. Audio-Technica ATH-D40fs Precision Enhanced Bass Headphones

    Audio-Technica ATH-D40fs Precision Enhanced Bass Headphones

    The Audio Technica ATH D40fs headphones feature enhanced bass response for low-frequency sound sources. As professional headphone, the ATH D40fs have field-replaceable cables, drivers and ear pads, 1,600 mW of power handling, high SPL capability, 40 mm diameter drivers, neodymium magnets and...