1. KazumaKiriu

    Audio Technica ATH-T400 vs ATH-D40fs noob

    Hi lads, i'm fairly new in this matter, i'm looking for A pair of big comfortable headphones under $70 and those are the best i could find ( i was about to buy Gamecom 367 but they were discontinued ) so those 2 are the only ones that i think will fit what i need, which is them to be full-size...
  2. bmeat

    which headphone has best isolation and sound quality?

  3. SkitZ0

    Ultrasone DJ1 S-Logic first impressions

    So I just recently received my pair of Ultrasone DJ1 cans from Amazon.  I bought them because quite a few people suggested them as headphones I would like in a thread I made (New guy looking for some help).  And to those people, I say...   THANK YOU!!!!!!!   I cannot believe how amazing...
  4. JaredFrost95

    Are these the headphones I want?

    I have a set of Turtle Beach X1's for my xbox and the bass is great!(To my standards) problem is, i can't use them on the go because they need usb power. Do these headphones have as much bass as them? BTW I listen to dubstep and I like medium pitch bass.  ...
  5. yepimonfire

    Audio Technica Advice.

    Recently i was over at my dad's and he had a pair of ATH 40f/s or something similar to that, can't remember the exact model (or maybe that is it?) Anyways i remember the sound they had and the detail and nuances they brought out to be simply amazing, they actually gave me a big wide smile on my...
  6. dvdcastav

    Help on choosing headphones

    Hi there, fellow audiophiles!   Well, some years ago, i started listening, and also apreciating, music, and from the old rock days, i moved into house music, and then some alternative types, and what not. Finally, in the last couple of years i've been really into drum and bass, dubstep...
  7. matt3D

    Audio-Technica ATH-D40fs, need amp or new sound card?

    Hello, I recently bought an audio technica ath-d40fs headphone. These are my first full size headphones and I am amazed how much detail is in each song. However, the headphones make my music collection sound like they are in an empty acoustical space and it's like the sound is almost "hollow."...
  8. glebo2007

    Producing/Mixing Headphones

    Hi,   I'm looking for a headphone to use as an alternative to my monitors to analise and do some mixing. My budget is around $350.   Do you have any suggestions for a good set of cans?   Thank you.  
  9. Pseudonyms

    Best Closed phones with flattest frequency response for $100-$300?

    Hello once again, fellow head-fiers. I've got a little question concerning closed headphones.   What is the flattest frequency response you can get in a pair of closed headphones for up to $300?    I've been told to research some headphones for an environment with a constant 60dB...
  10. Audio-Technica ATH D40fs - Headphones ( ear-cup )

    Audio-Technica ATH D40fs - Headphones ( ear-cup )

    Audio-Technica has been dedicated to advancing the art and technology of electro-acoustic design and manufacturing since 1962. From a beginning in state-of-the-art phono cartridges, A-T has expanded over the years into high-performance headphones, microphones, mixers and electronic products for...