Audio Technica ATH-T400 vs ATH-D40fs noob
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New Head-Fier
Jan 4, 2013
Hi lads, i'm fairly new in this matter, i'm looking for A pair of big comfortable headphones under $70 and those are the best i could find ( i was about to buy Gamecom 367 but they were discontinued ) so those 2 are the only ones that i think will fit what i need, which is them to be full-size, closed, comfortable, resistant and not less important noise-cancelling ( with this i mean them to isolate tv noise and people's voices, i'll be using them in my pc so i need the wire to be at least 2,5m long this is why i discarted the ATH-ANC27. So what do you guys think, which one of them will be better for me ?.
BTW: What is the difference between active and pasive noise-cancelling headphones ?.

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