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Post A Photograph Of Your Turntable

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  1. bbophead

    I like that set up very much.  We have a little in common, Rega/WOO/Grado.[​IMG]
  2. Digital-Deviant
    This little set-up is great for late night vinyl sessions!
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  3. bbophead
    Good stuff.
    I'm a Woo/Rega fan, too.
  4. Skylab Contributor
  5. asilker
    Here's mine. Heavily modified SL1200 MKII with Jelco 750d, Denon 103r, and cinemag (budgie) SUTs. Phono stage is a Rogue 99 Magnum.

    Skylab, nice to see you on another forum. Those Chapman's are still getting a daily use over here and probably a fresh veneer soon
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  6. Skylab Contributor

    Hey you too man! Nice TT, and that's awesome about the Chapmans.
  7. Timoteo80
    Here is a quick shot of my restored Lenco L75 TT with at95e cart. My dad purchased it in about 1969 while stationed in Germany. He handed it down to me stock & I turned it into a project. I built the plinth, had some milleork done, rebuilt the spindle, required most (still need new wires inside tonearm & headshell tho).

    It's connected to a Rolls Bellari VP-130 phono stage, a Bottlehead Crack amp & into HD600s. Really enjoying this setup!

  8. bbophead
    Nice job!
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  9. djchup
    Not exactly an audiophile setup but posting anyways :)

  10. HesNot
    Wow there are some amazing (and amazingly high end) setups on this thread - as a relatively new member I admit I have not made it through all 300+ pages but have "audited" a representative sample and concluded I have no business posting my rather plebian setup here for fear of total embarassment... :)
    Maybe I'll summon the courage later but for now I've really enjoyed this thread!
  11. Krutsch
    No need to worry about anything like that ... please post pictures of your rig. Trust me, whatever anyone has, someone else has something a LOT better, but we still like to see pictures of other people's gear ('tables in this thread).
    Post away!
  12. Wil
    Technics 1210M5G with Origin Live Silver Arm and Hana EL cartridge with Soundcare footers.
    Photostage is a modified Jolida JD9 with auricaps. 
    Rest of the system: 
    Amp: Line Magnetic LM519ia 
    DAC: Gustard A20h
    USB interface: Singxer SU-1 (i2s into DAC)
    Speakers: GPA 604-8h-ii (Altec 604)
    Headphones: HD800S 
    Cabling: all Belden ( 8402 / 9497 ) 
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  13. bbophead
    A serious set up!
    Nicely done and congratulations.[​IMG]
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  14. leftside

    Nice setup. A minor change could make some difference here. The vibrations from your speakers will affect the turntable. Perhaps you could get some speaker stands for them and push the table a little to the left?
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  15. leftside
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