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  1. Krutsch

    Replaced a 32 year-old Thorens TD166-Mk II with a Rega RP3 + Elys 2 cart. Killer deal on NOS model from my dealer, so I couldn't resist.
    I think just about everything (expensive) I have came that way - dealer shedding old stock when new models come out.
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  2. Happytalk
    Nice. How is the difference in sound? Much better? Different?
  3. bbophead
    Pretty!  I'll bet it's a lot quieter.
  4. Happytalk
    Right. I wonder if the thorens is stock, or modded. I am considering fixing up mine and installing an sme 3009 tone arm, but these regas are tempting.
  5. Krutsch

    Yeah, thanks! I love the look and it's really, really quiet on playback. That part I noticed, right away.
    Also, setting up the cart was super easy with the 3-point mount that is unique to Rega.
    However... I am still waiting on the sound before passing judgement. The Elys 2 cart has an elliptical stylus and my Thorens is sporting a micro-line stylus on an Audio-Technica AT440MLa, which has been a magic pairing with the Thorens.
    I am given the cart time to break in (I've read it needs time to open up), but am already planning on upgrading the cart to the Exact 2 (also a micro-line stylus, which I think rides the groove more closely and brings out more detail).
    We'll see... but so far I am loving the new Rega. The Thorens will move to the living room, when the wife has recovered from the 'table spend and I can finally get some speakers for the 2-channel system.
  6. bbophead
    I know nothing about Rega cartridges.  When I bought my 6 from the dealer, I specified the 2M Black.  Why, because I've always had faith in the Ortofon sound I've known for maybe forty years.  It has never disappointed me.
    2 cents.
  7. Krutsch
    I'm curious: I've read that the 2m Black is very sensitive to VTA, which is only adjustable on the RP3 with the addition of spacers (maybe this is also true on your 6). Did your dealer ignore that and just mount it as-is or did they raise the tonearm with a spacer?
    By the way, I've read nothing but great reviews on the Black and Bronze and have considered those, as well, to replace the Elys 2.
  8. bbophead
    Of course he used a spacer.  They've been selling Regas for many years.
    I've never had a problem with tracking anything, plus, it sounds so good.
    It tracks like my old Shure V15 Type V, a champion in that respect. 
    I hope I found the right pic.  lol.
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  9. Timoteo80
  10. Timoteo80
  11. bbophead
    Wow, replying to a post from 2011.  You're playin' with my mind!
  12. grokit
    I'm still around [​IMG] 
    I still use that cart and really like it. I was thinking of moving to the 103R, but my AU300LC step-up converter works perfect for the 103's .030Mv output while the 103R's even lower output of .025Mv is outside of its power curve. Denon makes other step-up converters, but I really like the lively dynamics of the 103 with my particular setup and decided that I have no reason to upgrade. I wish I would have figured that out earlier however, because I have a sealed 103r with an upgraded stylus that I would like to exchange somehow for the equivalent upgraded 103 model at some point.
    The 103 is the most musical cartridge I've listened to on my setup, compared to mid-range Ortofons and Grados. It also has the best bass, but it's the mids that really stand out for me. It's not the most micro-detailed on the high end, but it's certainly no slouch in that department either. Overall I find it to be very balanced. My turntable has a lot of dampening but a lively mat and I think it really mates well with the 103. The only pause is the extremely low output of both of these carts, as a .005Mv difference becomes very apparent at such a low level; neither work very well with my GCPH alone.
    edited to change .05 to .005 [​IMG]
  13. bbophead

    Nice.  Glad you're happy.
  14. Timoteo80

    Hahaha yeah well I'm new here & was reading old posts :)
  15. Krutsch
    Today, I added the Rega white belt and TT PSU (power supply and speed control) upgrades.
    I am surprised what a difference that made... playing very familiar records and shaking my head. I am officially a Rega fan-boy.
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