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Post A Photograph Of Your Turntable

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  1. Redcarmoose


    As far as source components go these are both old fashion and new. The turntable is made of many materials and is configured in many ways. They would have to be the oldest way of producing music in the home along with musical instruments. They end up being very fascinating for some and can be frustrating for many. Post your table photographs if you own one.
  2. thegr8brian
    I was hoping for "Post photographs of your phonographs" :D
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  3. JRG1990
    ^^^ Doesn't it melt your vinyl , i've heard they get pretty hot.
  4. KuKuBuKu


    Yeah I know, any song longer than 30 some seconds usually makes a mess all over the platter. It's become pretty expensive to replace. It also emits a LOT of hum.
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  5. Gatepc
    @KuKuBuKu is it balanced? But with the topic mentioned I would like to save up for a Rega RP1 after I buy some essentials for collage :) haha
  6. Fantasysage
    How about just the needle: 2044266701_e890acbcc1_o.jpg
  7. KuKuBuKu


    Unfortunateley not, but seeing as turntable cartriges are naturally balanced, I may reterminate it. As normal RCA has only two connectors, and XLRs have six, I expect the XLRs to be 3 times better sounding than single ended.
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  8. AuralRelations
    Technics SL-1200M3D. Sorry for the crappy pic from my iPhone. 
    @Redcarmoose, what record clamp is that? I'm looking for a cheap record clamp or weight. Any recommendations? 
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  9. Albinoni
    Ohh thats very funny, like someone with a good sense of humour, as they say "laughter is the best medicine".
  10. thegr8brian

    I'm going to be in the market for an SL-1200 soon too and I've been looking at some of the parts from KAB and soundhifi. KAB seems like they have a pretty good clamp for the SL-1200 as well as the very interesting fluid dampening if you plan to keep the stock tonearm.
  11. Eee Pee
    Old VPI HW-19 Jr with a couple upgrades.  Including the first generation VPI Memorial arm.
    Old Grado Sonata cartridge.
    Soon to be put back in service after about a ten year hiatus.  I can't wait.
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  12. AuralRelations


    I was thinking of getting the KAB clamp. There's a KAB clap for cheaper and with a bubble level on Music Direct, which I find ironic. The one with the bubble level isn't even mentioned on KAB's website. Fluid damping seems cool and I'll check that out when I have more monies. Looking at a tonearm rewire too but I don't want to have to send my table so far.
  13. AuralRelations


    How are you liking the Grado Sonata? I have to admit, I have a bit of a Grado fetish. [​IMG]
  14. Redcarmoose


    It is the standard el cheepo VPI plastic one. You can also get heavy chrome ones from VPI on their web site. You need a screw spindle to screw it onto with the plastic one. You could check the heavy chrome ones may not thread down I don't know? I always see heavy weights that fit universal tables on E-bay. You probably don't need to worry what the weight is as you table motor could churn ice-cream. I had two of those at one time.
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