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Post A Photograph Of Your Turntable

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  1. bbophead
    Wowzers!  Mac City.  Mighty pretty!
    Looks like a great near field set up.  Your phono seems to have a rectifier similar to one of mine.
    I've been thinking about a Mac integrated amp.
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  2. leftside
    It's actually the DAC that has the rectifier. The phono stage is solid state and resides under the turntable.
    Lot's of good Mac integrated amps to choose from. I have a Mac C100 preamp for sale right now, but not an integrated.
  3. bbophead
    My bad.  What do I know?
    Yeah, need an integrated.  Fewer boxes.
  4. desmortum

    Sony PS-HX500
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  5. Hijodelbrx
    Audio truths 101 - NOTHING in the audio chain is more susceptible to vibration than a turntable.  You should NEVER put a TT on top of another piece of gear.  Micro vibrations, heat...Here's something you can try easily; listen to your TT where you have it now, and than place it elsewhere and give it a listen, you may be pleasantly surprised.  But even if yr not I'd strongly recommend moving the TT!
  6. basman
    Still spinning this old music machine:
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  7. dosley01
    Nice Aries Black Knight Platter on the Scout!
  8. basman

    The first owner put it together and really like it so I took it and sold my regular scout.
  9. PitBul34
    My system: Thorens TD-160 Super armed by Audiocraft AC-3000 unipivot tonearm. Cartridges in use: Transfiguration Temper Supreme & Ortofon Rohmann.
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  10. sfoclt
    Garrard 401 / Schick12 / Schick graphite headshell / Denon 103R
    <3 LH (zzl)
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  11. bbophead
    Love the plinth with the wall photo (#2).
    There seems to be a lot of buttons on the right hand side.
  12. PitBul34
    Thorens TD-160 turntable plays Harry Belafonte (Ortofon Rohmann MC-cartridge):

    Denafrips 'Ares' R2R Ladder DAC plays Harry Belafonte (DSD64):
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  13. penmarker

    Got my acrylic dust cover today.
    Glad I can toss away that horrid cardboard cover I put over the platter. Now I can just dust the cover instead of the turntable crevices.
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  14. analogsurviver
    A collateral damage #? while on youtube too precious not to share. Never knew something this eye catching ever existed:
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  15. soundfanz
    My modded Lenco 75 with Alphason HR100S tonearm

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