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Post A Photograph Of Your Turntable

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  1. bbophead
    Nice! Thanks for posting. My first reaction was, what's a Rega glass platter doing there? HA.
  2. Mojo777
    IMG_0619.jpg IMG_0624.jpg IMG_0635.jpg Mark Lanegan's Blues Funeral on my VPI Classic. Just amazing stuff.

    Also got the SS threaded clamp and MDF base recently. Nice improvement!
    Last edited: May 22, 2017
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  3. Krutsch
    Beautiful setup... congrats!
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  4. Oscar-HiFi
    Nothing special here, just a Project Debut Carbon with a cork/rubber mat and iFi Audio iPhono preamp

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  5. bbophead
    Beauty! Looks like a great system.
    Looks real nice to me!
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  6. analogsurviver
    I can no longer remember - exactly - which video of Transcriptors Transcriber, the ultimate (1979 ?) expression of David Gammon's idea of low mass/high compliance approach, has resulted in the discovery of the Kurtzmann from 1921 - so I decided to post all the suspects. Right off the bat - from the original brochure, no peeping ( I do have it in my archive ) :

    " ... mechanisms are fascinating to operate and watch ... "

    TBH - the real video I have been searching for was for the Transcriptors Vestigal tonearm - one that is - at least visually - correctly set up. There are better quality and resolution videos of Vestigal in action available ( usually on the Trancriptors Skeleton turntable ) - only to show ridiculously poor set-up ( one having VTA off by a "mere" 30+ degrees ... (!) ) or modified units. This one is rather murky as a video, but does show the stock Vestigal in action set up correctly and in great detail :

    All of these "fish tanks" precede anything Rega - and the first Rega TT, Rega Planet, was a knock off Transcriptors - on the cheap : https://zstereo.co.uk/2015/02/16/rega-planet/

    The greatest failure of all Transcriptors turntables has always been the record support - up to maximum 8 minuscule rubber pads, hopelessly inadequate of supporting the record across its whole area. I have seen glass and acrylic "mats" used on Transcriptors decks instead of those rubber pads as early as 1977 - and if using glass variety, only a slightly less clear "optics"
    than in this "matless = stock" Skeleton is achievable - for those with aesthetics as a prime priority : as of lately there is 5 media limit per post, only as a link :

    The Rega Planet had the same problem - and used the same solution initially. Fast forward, it evolved to today's range.

    As Michell Engineering has been producing Transcriptors Reference turntables at some point in time both as OEM for Transcriptors and under its own name ( and possibly for Transrotor in Germany ), eventually the record support issue has been solved by inversing the traditional Transcriptors platter upside down, first introduced in Michell Gyrodec and its subsequnt versions; here a nicely done video on SE :

    As you can see, this last video uses a Rega arm - a design that made most other arms of comparable cost obsolete at its introduction. It takes much, much more money to buy a trully better tonearm - and I hold Rega arms in much higher esteem than its turntables. I have yet to come across their latest cartridge 0fferings - Apheta 2 and up - which appearently solved the sample to sample differences better than almost everybody else - that, despite decidedly non-Rega pricing, might even elevate them to bargain status.
  7. calipilot227
    Made some sawdust in my garage yesterday

    (SP-15, RB250, 2M Bronze. Out of view below: Phonobox, O2 serving as a preamp, Firstwatt Aleph J)
    Last edited: May 29, 2017
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  8. analogsurviver
    Which kind of the sawdust was left in your garage ? I like the " precise, but raw enough" finish of the plinth. How does it sound ?

    Should you decide to stick with this TT for a while, you may wish to upgrade the tonearm to Audiomods
    ( whatever the current - or , depending on the money and skill available, even one of their kits ) - it is a drop in replacement, as it starts life as RB-250 or, more recently, RB202/303 .
  9. alan_g
    IMG_0052.jpg nottingham analogue spacedeck
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  10. alan_g
  11. bbophead
    Love the look. Bet it sounds terrific!
  12. calipilot227
    It does indeed! I can't get over the absolutely pitch black background, quieter than any belt drive table I've heard.

    Baltic birch, to be exact. I actually haven't glued the layers together yet, been too busy listening to take it back apart. Will stain or varnish, leaving the lamination exposed, I like that look.
  13. analogsurviver
    Ooops - CAUTION ALERT ! I hope you do realize that layers of wood ( or any other material for that matter ) behave much differently when just placed on top of each other, when bolted together and when glued together . The quality of sound in most cases decreases - in that exact very order. Just placing on top of each other is not practical for commercially available products, glued together sounds poor, which leaves us with bolted together as the most used option. It has all to do with damping - by more/too firm contact all friction between the layers is eliminated and therefore damping becomes very poor. Many turntable platters an plinths are bolted affairs as a result - almost never glued together.
  14. alan_g
    nothing special linnlp12 10339381_770061326358251_8422226117649264258_o.jpg
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  15. bbophead
    All good turntables are special, especially with green vinyl!
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