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Post A Photograph Of Your Turntable

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  1. tkcha
    also mine will be about 40 grand with phono cable, platform,power cable and inter cable.
  2. mulveling Contributor
    That's a GREAT price on a low hours Windfeld! Definitely a killer for that kind of money. Good pickup! I have no problem buying expensive used cartridges if it looks like it was well cared for; that's how I first got into Koetsu.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2017
  3. tkcha
    Mulveling I know you from audiogon yours also top notch system specially carts collections . I envy you for crazy expensive koetsu coralstone . I guess that is your favorite cart. would you let me know your take for each carts please !
  4. mulveling Contributor
    Thanks man. Awesome system you're building up, too! Here's my Koetsu impressions:
    Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Koetsu stone bodies are all far more similar to each other, than not. Yes, the Coralstone Platinum is my favorite by a small margin -- it's just slightly more lifelike and organic than the rest. It is never dull, never wanting for clarity, has the richest tone, most unimpeded musical flow, and is always the absolute last cartridge to tip into aggressive/harsh territory (and only if the recording absolutely begs for it). Just gorgeously musical compared to the "technical" cartridges, but with easily good enough technicalities itself to not leave me wanting (I certainly cannot speak for other audiophiles, of course).

    The Onyx Platinum and Alnico are next; a very close 2nd. These all benefit from 25-40 hours burn-in, by the way. The Coralstone (brand new) starts out spectacular from hour 0 and gradually gets better from there. The Onyx Platinum (Koetsu rebuild) for some reason took some time to get to where it needed to be, but then significantly closed the gap to the Coralstone. The Onyx Alnico is still burning in (post rebuild), and is a bit hard to get a handle on because it has 2x the output of the Platinum magnets. I was actually expecting the Alnico to be the warmest of the bunch (based on its pre-rebuild sound), but that hasn't been the case yet. It still has that Koetsu voice for sure (especially vocals), but is perhaps a bit more robust in dynamics while being a tad less refined. Still burning in, though!

    The Jade Platinum has over 500 hours on it, and still sounds awesome, but is just a hair more mellow than the above carts (which are all very low hours). I'm not sure how much of that is the hours vs. the stone differences, since I haven't heard the Jade when new or rebuilt. Also it's entirely possible that Koetsu builds have gotten better in recent years.

    The Rosewood Signature Platinum I have is at least 15 years old now, said to be one of the last Sugano Sr. builds. Never rebuilt; about 600 hours. Very similar in voice to the other Koetsus, but with less powerful bass vs. the stone bodies. Again, I expected this to be warmer before I heard it. It's got a very clean and airy sound that is great, but honestly I prefer the more balanced sound of the stones. I've long read impressions of those "syrupy" sounding RSP's, but wow that's not what I hear at all. Physically this is perhaps the most beautiful, with a gorgeous lacquer over the dark Rosewood grain.

    If I sell any, it will the the RSP first, then the Jade. The others are unlikely to be going anywhere, ever. The Alnico Onyx was my very first Koetsu listen that got me hooked, so I'm attached to it. The Onyx Platinum is the cart I've put by far the most hours on, and gotten so much enjoyment from, so I'm attached to it. The Coralstone was my dream cart and my 1st Koetsu purchase from new, so I'm attached to it too :D

    I would love to hear an Urushi just to fill that gap in my knowledge, and also I think they're visually gorgeous.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2017
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  5. tkcha
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2017
  6. tkcha
    Thank you . Down the road Coralstone Platinum,Gold Finger statement, Air Tight PC1 Opus,Etna SL1 will be my upgraded dream carts and second arm also . So you like bobs devices SUT that surprise me how about your phono stage? I like Allnic H3000 so much do you have any experience with Allnic ?
  7. leftside
    Thanks for your post @mulveling. I'm currently using a Dynavector 20*2L cart with a VPI Scoutmaster Signature turntable, an Audia Flight phono pre and a McIntosh C500T preamp. I'm looking to upgrade the cart next year. I enjoy the sound of the vinyl setup (warm, smooth and relaxed), but since I purchased my new DAC I feel the turntable is lacking a little in dynamics.

    I had an Allnic H-1201 phono pre, but I felt it was just a little "too much tubes" for my vinyl system (with a tube preamp and a tube headphone amp). I felt the Audia Flight was a better fit for my system.
  8. tkcha
    I heard Audia Flight on a few occasions seems like very good SS phono stage so are you happy with that did you compare different top SS phono stage?
  9. leftside
    The Audia Flight became available at a good price locally, so I took it. Only compared to cheaper external phono stages and internal phono stages in my preamps. Not a huge difference to the phono stage in my C500T, but enough to warrant the extra expense. I might notice large differences when I upgrade the cart.
  10. tkcha
    for your upgrade cart try Etna SL I was very impressed by sound also A95,ZYX Universe Premium so many good carts. Man you have some happy problem for choosing best cart for your system good luck my friend.
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  11. tkcha
    Hi all the vinyl junkies finally got turntable delivered and set up by turntable guru (mark jones) he drove more than 6 hours from toronto to here in montreal. My turntable is AMG Viella 12 with Ortofon Winfeld cartridge and phono stage is Allnic H3000 latest version. Phono cable is Audio sensibility Signature OCC silver cable to phonostage. From phonostage to Allnic T-2000 25th Anniversary integrated amp I use unknown to north america but one of very best Allnic Mu-7 XLR cable. Sound of this set up just music to my ears. I Am just over the moon now . enjoy my set up pictures. 20171122_150912 (1).jpg 20171122_150943.jpg
  12. tkcha
    some more 20171122_150959.jpg 20171121_182835.jpg
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  13. mulveling Contributor
    Beautiful, tkcha! You're definitely doing it right. The HRS platform under the AMG seems like a really, really good idea. Have you done any comparisons with/without? I know that the quality and finish of HRS products is superb. Of course the TT itself is gorgeous, but now I know firsthand how isolation products can be the unsung hero of a top-notch analog rig :)
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2017
  14. tkcha
    Hi Mulveling no I didnt do any comparisons because mass loaded unsuspended de
    Hi Mulveing no I didnt do any comparisons because I believe mass loaded unsuspended design TT need suspend isolation Platform with HRS build special unit distribute weight unevenly to left side of foot and suspension more weight because AMG V12 TT more heavy on left side by the way sound just so much more music than any other digital unit I have experienced. For last 3 weeks I was busy shopping vinyls bought about 800. thank you very much for your kind worlds ! :beyersmile:
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  15. Oregonian
    Here's my Pioneer Spec rack system with my original Yamaha turntable.................
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