Portable DIY Amp that is capable of powering AKG K701s?
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Feb 29, 2008
Sorry I am new to DIY Amps and was wondering if anyone knew of a model of an amp that can power AKG k701s.

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Lisa III is not a DIY, but why do you need a portable amp anyways?
K701s are power hungry, and I dont recommend any portable amps - Unless you're looking to use K701 as portable headphones.
Look for dedicated home amps such as DIY millet hybrid, BADA PH-12, Woo Audio WA6, or if you have money to spare, Zana Deux. Heed Canamp is pretty good as well.
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Well I am going to order a nice dedicated home amp but I would like to have a portable I can use in other rooms of my house.
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The LISA III isn't a DIY amp strictly speaking. At least not at the moment.

But ppl has shared all the schematics, parts list and even a board layout so you could build one yourself. You can find it here: LISA IIIv1C Box Set - eSnips, share anything

I agree the K701 needs powerful amplification to sound best, I'm currently using them with a PPAv2 which is a DIY project as well and can be made to be transportable but it's quite large - The PPA Project - it has similar, but not identical design as the LISA III.
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Just for you:

She can power AKG K701s?
Where is the order form?

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