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Oct 31, 2006
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    Disabled Veteran
    Audio, Music, Computers
    Vintage Analog Audio (Full Speaker Systems)
    Modern Mini-System (Bookshelf Speaker System)
    Headphone Inventory:
    Senn HD-650 (Stock)
    Senn HD-600 (HD-650 Cable)
    Senn HD-580 (Daughter took them)
    HD-280pro (Stock)
    HD-212pro (Stock)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Little-Dot LDII++ (Exterior Mods) (Wife took)
    Little-Dot MT (LT1364 Opamp) (Daughter took)
    Little-Dot MK1 (Portable, LT1364 Opamp)
    Little-Dot MKII (6H30PI Power Tube Mod)(Gold Volume Knob)
    Little-Dot MKIII (6H30PI Power Tube Mod)(Gold Volume Knob)
    Little-Dot MKIVse (6H30PI-DR's, Gold Volume Knob)
    Little-Dot MKV (Gold Volume Knob)
    ZERO 24 BIT/192KHz DAC/Head Amp/Pre-Amp (Resistor Mod, Alps Pot Mod)
    Source Inventory:
    Notebook: ASUS A8JS: Creative X-Fi Xtreme Audio Notebook X-Fi Xtreme ExpressCard (Optical)
    DeskTop PC: Creative X-Fi Xtreme Music w/IO Drive
    Portable CD: Sony D-EJ885 (Optical)
    Portable DVD: Toshiba SD-KP19 (Optical)
    DVD/CD Player: Toshiba SD-5970 (Optical & Coaxial)
    MP3/Video Player: Creative Vision (First Version)
    MP4/Video Player: MS Zune 80 + Dock
    Applied Research & Technology's Pro-Audio "CleanBox" Unbalanced to Balanced Converter
    Cable Inventory:
    Custom Cable (Mini's) by John Wood
    Custom Headphone Extension X2 by John Wood
    Python OFC interconnects (RCA & Digital)
    Glass Optical Cables (eBay) Thank you dcee!
    DIY Sennheiser HD-580/600/650 Balanced Headphone Cable
    JZR Fiber Optical Cable (Japan)
    Power-Related Components:
    VOLEX 17604 Power Cords on all HeadFi related equipment. Yes, they are that inexpensive, that sturdy and UL approved. :) My dog pays them no attention whatsoever!
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Vintage Pioneer SPEC System (1970's):

    Pioneer DT-510 Digital Timer
    Pioneer SPEC1 Pre-Amp
    Pioneer SPEC4 Amp (150W RMS)
    Pioneer SA-6500II Integrated Amplifier (35W RMS)
    Pioneer SA-9500II Integrated Amplifier (90W RMS)
    Pioneer SG-9800 EQ
    Pioneer TX-9500II Tuner
    Pioneer TX-6500II Tuner
    Pioneer SR-303 Reverb Amp
    Pioneer DV-444 DVD/CD Player
    Pioneer RT-707 Reel to Reel
    Pioneer SX-780 Receiver (30W RMS)
    Pioneer CS-06 Round End Table Speakers (cool)
    Pioneer HPM-100s Speakers (Pair)
    Cerwin-Vega S-1 Speakers /W DB-10B Turbocharger (Pair)
    Cerwin-Vega AT-15 Speakers (Pair)
    JBL L46 Speakers (2 Pair)
    DBX-II 128 Noise Reduction Processor
    Technics RS-1700 Reel to Reel 1/4 Track
    Technics RS-1500 Reel to Reel 1/2 Track
    Technics SL-D2 Turntable Audio-Technica ATP-2XN
    Technics SL-D3 Turntable Audio-Technica AT-440MLa Cartridge
    Technics SL-P150 CD Player
    ZERO 24 BIT/192KHz DAC/Head Amp/Pre-Amp (Digital Bridge, Resistor Mod, Alps Pot Mod)

    Vintage Yamaha Natural Sound System (1980's):

    Yamaha C-70 Pre-Amplifier
    Yamaha M-40 Amplifier (125W RMS)
    Yamaha T-720 Tuner
    Yamaha EQ-70 Equalizer
    Yamaha CDX-710U CD Player
    Entech 205.2 DAC


    Yamaha C-40 Pre-Amplifier
    ZERO 24 BIT/192KHz DAC/Head Amp/Pre-Amp
    Sonic Super-T Amplifier (10W RMS)
    Aural Ecstasy TAD BLACK 805SD Monitors
    AR ARS108PSB Active 110WRMS Black Sub-Woofer

    Equipment Currently Testing:

    ZIGMA 5687 Pure Tube Pre-Amplifier/Tube Line Filter (Tung-Sol JTS 5687)
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Tube Inventory:


    Mullard CV138
    International 6AM6
    CEI 6AM6


    Amperex EF92 Bugle Boys
    BVA 6065
    CEI Electronic EF92
    Ediswan EF92
    Haltron 6CQ6
    Mullard M8161
    Mullard 6CQ6
    MWT W77
    Sylvania 6065


    Chinese 6J1
    GE 5654A
    GE 5654 Mobile
    GE 5654 5-Star
    Hytron JHT 6AK5 (1945)
    Mullard 8100
    RCA 6AK5
    Russian 6ZH1P-EV
    Sylvania JAN 6AK5 Grey plate, Square getters
    Sylvania 6AK5/5654 Black plate, Halo getters
    Sylvania GB-5654 Gold Brand
    408A DRIVER TUBES (Soon too be gone)

    Chatham Lenkurt 408A/6028
    GE 408A
    GE 408A JAN
    Sylvania JAN 6028


    6C19N Russian
    6C19-PI Russian


    Russian 6H6N-N
    Russian 6H6N-Pi CCCP


    6H30PI-EB NOS
    6H30PI Gold

    5687 POWER TUBES

    Amperex 7119
    Arcturus 7044
    Arcturus 5687
    GE 5687 Mil-Spec
    GE 5687 5-Star
    Mullard E182CC
    Philips JAN 5687-WB
    Tong-Sol JTL-5687
    Music Preferences:
    1970's Metal, Rock and easy listening.
    1980's Progressive Rock
    1940s to 1970's Big Band and Jazz


    Full Reviews: Zero DAC/Amp LD MK1 LD MKII LD MKIII LD MKIVse LD MKV DIY Bull Plugs
    Mini Reviews: Volex 17604 Power Cord X-Fi ExpressCard Notebook
    Zero Mods Links: Zero Alps Pot Mod Zero LED Mod
    My Integrity: Who am I
    I am an independent audiophile, who writes impressionistic reviews ONLY for...
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