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Poor Man's D7000

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by blacknight104, Nov 27, 2012.
  1. BlacKnight104
    Hey guys, 
    I'm looking for a new pair of phones. I owned a pair of M50's and after buying both the DT770's and SRH840's I still found myself holding the M50's as a personal favorites. Well, the M50's went to can-heaven (god bless them) and I want something to upgrade with a similar sound signature, but with a less bass-heavy bottom and more clear treble and highs. I tried the D7000's and loved them, but unfortunately they aren't in my price range (sub $400). Any recommendations for a similar freq response of the D7000's, preferably closed back, circumaural, and under 400?
  2. dweaver
    Denon HP700 might do the trick for or from what I am reading you could go Tiesto K167 or wait for the mid December release of the K267.
  3. Tangster
    You could try and pick up a second hand or discount AH-D600, but that's going to be really close to being out of your budget.
    Ignore. You wanted clear treble and highs.
  4. barid
    If you liked the D7000, give the D5000's a try.  Very similar in sound and build to the D7000.
  5. MalVeauX
    AudioTechnica A900X
    AKG K167
    Very best,
  6. DemonFox
    If you want to stay in the Denon line the D2000 used can be had for under $300 on eBay. The bass is going to be a lot cleaner and smoother than the M50's and the cans are a heck of a lot more comfortable.

    Some others:

    A900x - Great all arounder and can be had easily within your price range brand new

    HIFI-780 - A bit bright outta the box but once they settle in they calm down quite a bit.

    The new DT770/32 Limited Edition 88 from Beyer. Just came out and the highs and sound stage is said to be vastly improved over the DT770/80's. I plan on picking these up myself once I sell some other cans I have laying around.

    If you ever consider open DT880/32 from Beyerdynamic would suit you just right but they are open back so not sure if you'd be willing to change that preference.

    Good Luck!
  7. BlacKnight104
    Thanks guys for all your help, so right now I'm between the A900x, D2000, and K167. I really love the look of the K167 but I'm not sure how the "DJ" headphones will perform for acoustic and live performances. Have any of you actually heard the K167's and what are your thoughts on them? I will do some more research on the other two and pull up their freq responses but I think the D2000 is in the lead at the moment.
  8. DemonFox
    Haven't heard the K167's yet, but they are def on the top of the list of cans I wanna try out and possible own. Of the AKG's I've listened to detail was never the problem for me, it was always the bass being to light. Other than that the build quality sound stage and detail were always top notch. I think the K167's will be more about detail and very good overall cans and the K267's that come out I think next month with the 50mm drivers will be a bit bass heavier so it'll be interesting. I still believe that the Denons will sound better top to bottom and be more comfortable but that isnt a knock on the AKG's. The D2000's have been a general fan favorite for quite some time now. 
  9. Gazoozles
    I have the D2000s. Very comfortable and warm sounding. May want to try a pair of ultrasones as well.
  10. bob2299
    +1 d2000

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