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  5. Xcelcio

    Help needed in looking for Ear Pads for Denon DN-HP700

    I'm looking for ear pads for a Denon DN-HP700. The stock ones are leather and really nice but its too thin for me. I like pads which are more thick or meaty to make some more room. Any suggestions? Thx in advance.
  6. thejangster1

    Portable Headphones Questions

    What would you say is the most comfortable, best sounding portable headphones for 150 dollars or less? 200? Would prefer over ear.  I have been looking at a lot of headphones around that price range but many do not get good reviews for comfort.    1. Ultrasone Hfi 580, 780 and pro 550  2...
  7. Uppertaker

    Denon HP-700 HELP!

    **edit**   everything was solved by the use of an amp, even just an iphone, these things sound amazing. beyond amazing they sound like angels puking love inside my ears.. and it feels good. theyre a little uncomfortable but holy ***** brag about it.
  8. Uppertaker

    Does anyone know any good inexpensive headphones for gaming/movies

    I have some HP700 which sound great with music, but not having an amp of any kind makes them not that good to use with my pc, and the short coiled cable isn't the best to plug, not to say they aren't exactly the most comfortable headphones I've wore, that being said, can anyone tip me about some...
  9. jozwoz12

    Bassy headphones

    Hey guys im looking for some help picking out my first pair of decent headphones. I mainly listen to Hardstyle and other EDM music, so im looking for some punchy bass. My budget is around $100-$130 dollars. I was looking at  sennheiser 518s or 558s but knowing they are open i assumed they...
  10. miloss

    closed headphones:denon or ...?

    Hi guys, I want to ask you for a help. I´m searching for a a closed headphones around 150€ for home listening without disturbing my girlfriend :D. I prefer various kind of rock and artrock. I could try and compare Denon HP 500 and HP 700. I like heights of HP500 and Basses of HP 700. Is there...
  11. dvalent

    New headphones Recommendations

    Hi all,   I'm new to the forum and thought id ask the experts.. I'm looking to buy new headphones around the range between 100-200£  (150 - 300 dollars) I was really close to settle for the the Sennheiser 598 until I realized id probably use them other than home (office, library etc) so...
  12. be awk

    Need help purchasing headphones (done a lot of lurking)

    As the title says in looking for headphones. Over the ear closed back is preferred. I'm going to use them at home and on the go. I am looking to use them with my iPod, no amp at the start will pick one up later. I listen to everything but mostly rap and dubstep like bass nectar. I had a...
  13. bluedolphin

    Fostex TH-5W * Audio technica ATH-M50X BL * Sennheiser momentum * Denon DN-HP700

    I am buying 1 or 2 new headphones to use with my new Cowon X9 Dap  Me listening mostly to Kpop,Jpop,pop,synthpop/dance mp3 good quality on 99-100db enjoy comfortable and stylish headphones Now using Vmoda M100 outdoor, and indoor use Denon D5000 for music, Sennheiser HD598 for Tv and games...
  14. EuphonicArin

    Denon DN-HP700 Appreciation Thread (Post mods and/or pics if you got any)

    These are some very unappreciated headphones that deserve a thread, discuss what you think of them, what your favourite songs to listen with these cans are or what type modifications you've made to make them better. Oh and remember to have fun                                              ...
  15. MEJazz

    Denon D600 vs HP700

    I had the D5000 and loved them. Looking to get similar sound on a budget. The D600 seems like closest replacement of D5000/2000 but during my research i came across the DJ series HP700 that were compared with D7000 VERY favorably. I searched for a comparison between these two phones but couldn't...
  16. whoelse

    Why all the ATH-M50 but not Denon DN-HP700?

    I thought past review of these were quite favourable and many preferred them against the M50s? Have they been forgotten?  
  17. Jobie111

    Portables Similar to Denon AH-D500

    Hey all,   I am in the market for some new portable headphones.  I have grown quite partial to my Denon AH-D500s for movie watching and game playing.  I would like these portable headphones to be used for the same thing when I am on the go, and so would like something that has a similar...
  18. best7

    Closed back headphones for classic rock, prog rock, etc.

    Hello Guys   I been lurking here for two years now and I thought I may start posting now. Actually, I need some advice on choosing a closed back headphone so I hope it doesnt bore you.   I am looking for a closed back headphone I can use while commuting to work. So far I came up with...
  19. misiektd

    Denon DN-HP700 or ... (180$)

    Hi guys,   I recently moved on with developing my audiophile needs, and found buying new cans necessary :) My previous HP where Denons AH-D310, which i must say where fine - until I started to listen to higher quality drivers. BTW they fall apart few days ago, so I wouldn't recommend them...
  20. furyagain

    Denon DN-HP700 No box good condition, bought it for 2 months

    I am selling my portable headphones Denon DN-HP700    I throw the box away so i will find another box to ship it. 80 dollars  shipped within US/Canada i only take paypal gift.   I can upload picture later.
  21. AtrusHomeboy

    Superlux HD-668B vs Denon DN-HP700 : Pros, cons, etc?

    I'm in the market for some new headphones, and I've narrowed my selection down to the Superlux HD-668B and the Denon DN-HP700. However, I've got a few question before I make my decision. 1) Are there any notable differences regarding sound quality or signature? I'm looking for something...
  22. RPGWiZaRD

    WTB: Denon DN-HP700 DJ headphones

    Looking for a pair of Denon DH-HP700 due to sparse availability around here or in europe in general. Can be had for $99 at, therefore that's what I'm comparing my offer to which is roughly $90~110 depending on condition/age etc shipped to Finland for one in a mint/good condition...
  23. Sludig

    Denon DN-HP700

    I need to sell my new Denon DN-HP700. They are absolutely like new, with original box and accessories. There are some post about their sound, and I can say they sounds pretty close to others Denons like D5000 or D7000. Amazing sound for the price, but I need money. I can ship worldwide, but...
  24. ampherio

    Sale/Trade: Denon DN-HP700

    Sale/Trade Denon DN-HP700. - 100€
  25. miow

    DENON DN-HP700 - As good as D7000?

    THE D7000 LITTLE BROTHER     Good as new, with INVOICE and 2 Years WARRANTY. No more than 30 hours listening on them.   These headphones are being compared to the $1000 DENON D7000 in sound quality and even outperform them in some genres (review below). They beat all my top-tier...