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PONO - Neil Youngs portable hi-res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by currawong, Sep 28, 2012.
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  1. musicday
    Pono Player nearly out !!!
  2. mjakopa
    Another article here: 
  3. musicday
    Looks like there is 128 GB built in+ a memory card but we don't know if SD or micro..
    Hope it will play any music formats.
  4. bpower
    Am I missing something here? Is he going to remaster from the original recordings and release them in hi-rez? If he's just going to make currently releases available in hi-rez a lot of people will be very disappointed. Im trying to think of an application that player is suitable for where you can also tell any difference between 256k and hi-rez.
    Are you supposed to use it in a listening room with 1000 dollar IEMs? 
    I heard they'll have a function where you switch between hi-rez and "low-res". That should cause a lot of amusement.
    If however everythings getting remastered AND those remasters are not available elsewhere then this could be big. But we'll see. Young talking about mp3s having only "5% of the data" does not reassure me.
  5. brhfl
    1,000-2,000 high resolution albums… 128GB… something does not add up here…
  6. musicday
    Maybe is a service online we have to pay for to use the DAP?
  7. Vinnie R.
    As Michael Lavorgna of www.audiostream.com because he is going to interview Neil Young about it soon!
  8. bpower
     So an album will be between 120 and 240 MB. So it cant be lossless 96/24, cant it? 
    Looking forward to that. 
  9. brhfl
    Heck, assuming 40 minute albums and 50% compression, it can't even be 44.1/16 (assuming my late-night math is alright).
  10. ExpatinJapan
    It seems as though they are not fully aware of already existing competition, and hopefully they change the shape and amount of storage.
  11. Headphony
    Very promising.  It looks pretty much like an Ayre DAP at a reasonable price.  I really hope it supports flac without restrictions.
  12. boldy
    I wonder if Neil will have better luck getting source information from the record companies than HDtracks did?
  13. Gurdipurdi
    What I already like about this player is the fact that the image accompanying every article, displays the Dire Straits. And boy, do I like Dire Straits. Awaiting my X5, but do hope this will be something decent. More awareness for sound quality is never a bad thing.
  14. WalkingMan56
    And shows "unknown artist" on the second line of each entry - as if there may be a tagging or tag-reading problem that they can't even get right for the PR shots - shows a really thorough and thought-out approach :wink:
  15. Gurdipurdi
    Even Pono should just know what songs are Dire Straits'. But that's pretty lame indeed. I sincerely hope they will develop a new chocolate bar.
    Something like this:
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