Mar 20, 2013
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Webmaster (how is that even still a thing)

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    Webmaster (how is that even still a thing)
    Photography keeps me alive. Writing sometimes contributes. Pining. Jammin' on the one.
    Photography. Graphic design & illustration. Poetry. Gender politics. Roses.
    Headphone Inventory:
    Sennheiser HD 650
    Sennheiser HD 558 (Uncomfy now that I have the 650s)
    Sennheiser IE 800
    Aurisonics Rockets (on the way)
    HiFiMan RE-600
    HiFiMan RE-400
    Yamaha EPH-100
    Moshi Keramo
    JVC HA-FXD80 (Bit too big)
    Ortofon eQ-5 (Too big, too sibilant)
    Musical Fidelity EB-50 (Hate)
    Some old Shure I don't like
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Cassabria stage in RWA Signature 16.
    Not in use: Schiit Lyr.
    Source Inventory:
    Mac Pro, mostly ALAC rips, iTunes, Resonessence Labs Concero HD.
    Pro-Ject CD Box S.
    Not in use: Halide Bridge, Channel Islands VDA-2.
    Cable Inventory:
    Bypassing cable completely, I have hired a fleet of audio fairies to gently suck up, process internally during flight, and then toot out all of my signals. It's not the most transparent process, but the distortion that is present is warm and pleasing.
    Power-Related Components:
    Tripp-Lite Isobars.
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Main/desk system is a pair of Audience Clairaudient The Ones driven by a Red Wine Audio Signature 16 Integrated w/ Cassabria HPA stage.

    Loft bed system is a Gallo Micro Nucleus SE driven by a ZVex iMPAMP in parallel mono, fed by iPhone 5, Lightning CCK, Modi.

    My pile of equipment from my past that isn't currently seeing use includes Klipsch Heresy IIs (wood ones), a flaky Superphon Revelation II preamp, the rack-width Roku Soundbridge, a busted Luxman PA, and the backup PA - a functional but not particularly pleasant 6 channel Rotel. I've got a weird Sansui linear-tracking TT that plays both sides of an LP, an old B&O TT in need of a cartridge, and my last TT was a Pro-Ject that I sold off for pennies. Next TT will be a Sota Sapphire, hopefully in black acrylic.
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Add a martini to the listening experience. Place unlit scented candle on Class A amp. Envelop body in cashmere.
    Music Preferences:
    Winter is largely berlin school & classical.
    Spring turns to folk type stuff and the gentler side of indie rock.
    Summer brings heavier and/or more electronic-focused indie, as well as heavier/darker experimental electronic (think EN or krautrock).
    In autumn I merely listen to the leaves crinkling.
    Pentax MX. Contax T. Leica M2.
    HP 16C. HP 71B. HP 41C.
    Riedel lead crystal. Barr Hill Gin. Vya extra-dry.
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