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PONO - Neil Youngs portable hi-res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by currawong, Sep 28, 2012.
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  1. leokennis
    Yes. The Pono files are differing types of FLAC (normal FLAC up to 192/24 FLAC). The player itself also plays (from the Kickstarter):

    In my opinion, good music is 49% the source material, 49% the final speaker or headphone you use (when amped to a satisfactory level) and maybe 2% DAC, amps, cables etc. So all the big talk about the superior components mean nothing to me as long as I don't also upgrade my cans or speakers. Also what use is all this technology of I'm listening on a noisy bus...

    If they have the better sources though...I'd gladly pay.

    Imagine a true nice "audiophile grade" remaster of Californication...(I saw a lot of RHCP members in the Kickstarter video)
  2. Angular Mo
    Why buy a PONO if its format is FLAC?
    I thought my iPad can be a digital transport to FLAC files as a digital transport, with a iOS DAC or digital dock as a transport.
    As for source material, I can buy a CD and rip FLAC files (OK, not as convenient compared to a download.)
    Alternatively, I can download FLAC files from a few sources on the Web.
  3. twizzleraddict
    Wooooooo $5K to enjoy the PonoPlayer, a night's hotel lodging and a listening party with Neil Young (and whoever else may drop by) at the Ritz-Carlton in Half Moon Bay, CA! I think this is the best pledge of the bunch!
  4. Ivabign
  5. Bina
    I think biggest impact of PONO player will be lowering prices of other Audiophile players. If they can mass produce 24/192 player with 9018 Sabre Chip for just 400$, they are in league of Fiio and Ibasso. Now players from Sony and especially iRiver will look like extremly overpriced junk.
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  6. thegrobe
    I snatched up the Neil Young Signature Series as well. I'm a huge fan and hoping that Pono alters the landscape of quality digital music available. I figure it's worth a go, and if all else fails it will be an interesting collectors piece. 
    I've contacted the Pono team via the Kickstarter contact page, discussing the importance of having files available without excessive dynamic range compression. I hope/suggest many others do too, as I think that's the biggest hurdle to overcome...."hi-res" files from the labels that are brickwalled. Just kills the music. 
  7. bpower
    Anywhoo, lets all feel a little bit sad as our favorite artists tell us how much better hi-rez is to cd when listening in the back of van.
    First video.
  8. Replicant187
    god, i just bought ZX1 back in feb....
  9. uncola
    I asked them if it can be used with a PC as a USB Dac. Doubt it but that would make it more interes ting. I think the player can only be good for helping mainstream good audio quality. At least quality is part of the conversation now
  10. bpower
    I agree to some degree, but they're focusing on the wrong problem. Its mastering not the bit rate thats the problem. Things have been improving since 2005, apparently the loudness wars peaked then and its getting quieter ever since.
  11. zerodeefex
    Would be nice if it was clear if it was the ES9018K2M or what.
  12. Saraguie
    Do you have a link to where it says what the DAC chip is?
  13. Levanter
    Dammit! I thought it was supposed to be released on kickstarter on the 15th :frowning2:
    Jumped on Pearl Jam pledge. Still quite hesitant over this when the details and specs of the player is so vague..
  14. barmar46
    All pertinent information is on Kickstarter. One interesting note: The production model appears to be plastic. But if you pledge $499 or more you get a premium chrome eddition signature series, autograph engraved my the specific artist you chose and all accompanied by a leather carrying case and a "professional" box. Also it come pre installed with two albums of the artist's choosing. This seems like a limited edition. I see no indication that there will be a regular supply of chromed. So, if you can afford it, this may be a wise and singular opportunity.
  15. FraGGleR
    If they could guarantee that Norah Jones would drop by and bless my PonoPlayer with her signature etched on it, I would seriously consider liquidating some savings for the pledge.
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