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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by substi, Oct 1, 2016.
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  1. sha007
    Just got the XDP 300r. Can anyone recommend me a balanced cable for se846 please/

  2. Lurk650
    hit up @alpha421 for a Triton8 Hybrid Cable :D
  3. Ang Probinsyano
    How do I check how many songs do I have in 300r?
  4. sha007
    Does the balanced mode work while streaming spotify?
  5. Ang Probinsyano
  6. vid1900
    If you use Windows, next time you are installing new songs on a mem card, hit CTRL-A to select all the folders in the root, then rightclick and select Properties.
  7. sha007
  8. Lurk650
  9. sha007
    Just contacted their customer care conformed that its a photo error.
  10. Andrew Harper
    Just curious about a couple of things with this player.

    Apart from the volume limitation is there any other major difference between this and the Japanese model? As others have mentioned the Japanese deals are really good compared to the UK. Nearly £200 difference in some cases.

    Anything else I need to know in advance about the Jap version of the player? I assume the warranty can be tricky but otherwise the experience would be the same.

    How robust is the black coating on the metalwork? I bought a white iPhone 5s because the black anodising would rub away. So in the case of the Pioneer I was leaning towards the silver model in case the same thing happens. However the black model always tends to be cheaper.

    Apart from that all the details I've read on here point towards a good player. Nice to see.
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  11. /guy
    hello to the group /guy (73 de kg5vt | wqpz784)!

    got my 300r a few days ago, but i'm a total no0b to modern hi-rez audio and am building up some modest systems and got my imac hooked up using an ifi nano black dac which is a brilliant piece of engineering. after going through a half-dozen free or low cost players which cost me hours of troubleshooting time, i'm going to have to pay for the worst-named app in the existence of computers: audirvana. can't spell it, can't pronounce it but it lights up the dac like an xmas tree.

    anyway, i'm up to page 50 of this thread where the units are beginning to get into your hands, but really the only serious problem i have with mine is the battery suckage. which is bad. very bad. for example, i can charge it to full then hit the /stand alone/ button which supposedly shuts down everything except the player and even if i have nothing playing and it's just sitting there blank and idle it'll lose 10% every two hours or so or at least 25-30% over 8 hours. and actually using it for playing music uses battery so fast you can literally see the line in the battery icon dropping. i haven't done a run-down test, but right now i'm betting i'd be doing good to get 3 hours of play time out of it.

    i installed /ampere/ from my google play account so i could try to get some better data on battery usage than android yields and next i'm going to go line-by-line through the services/daemons although i've shut down everything obvious that would be running in the background.

    i see that some of you have been complaining as well about this. are we just stuck with a 3-hour player or are there some concrete actions to be taken? i'm really really liking this player and can find very little to dislike about it. the audio output jacks are very tight, but they should loosen up with time. it's very slick and nearly as slick with the $55(!) case mounted. the case covers up the sd cards which would be a non-issue except that i haven't found a really good way to manage files between my mac and the 300r, but now i have all my music on one card i should be able to use airdroid. oh, i was looking at ways to convert a set of headphones to balanced when i discovered pioneer has some earbuds and, considering the modest price, i find them very good quality sound indeed. one thing i did right was to make my first dsd256 purchase a test tracks album from hdtracks and it has already paid for itself.

    tks, /guy
  12. Andrew Harper
    I don't own a version of this player yet so I can only go by what I've read in reviews and forums like this one.

    The battery usage varies between 8-13 hours so my assumption is something is running like crazy in the background. Most online reviews I've seen where they've tested it report around 12 hours of usage in "standalone" mode.

    For certain any streaming to the unit using wifi uses the battery up very quickly (I think I read times like 3-4 hours before the battery goes flat). However you mention that you've shut this off.

    I suppose that's fairly normal though. I have a cheapish Sony android phone which goes flat pretty quickly if I'm listening to Spotify, etc. My iPhone will lose 40% battery if I listen to online music for a few hours (and of course get very toasty! lol)

    I think I've also read somewhere that this unit unlike the iPod Classic (for example) does not automatically switch itself off so if it's not powered down it will eat up battery fairly quickly.

    I suppose the one other nice feature that goes against it is that lovely display. Looks great but it probably does eat up power quite quickly as well.

    Sorry it's not much of an answer my friend but 3 hours doesn't sound quite right to me :)

    It's interesting reading about DAP's in general and reminds me slightly of mobiles, tablets, etc. There is no perfect solution, there are always trade-offs in one way or another.
  13. capnjack
    How much of the £200 difference would be taken away with v.a.t and handling fees from Royal Mail though?
    Then I found this.... :)
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  14. pie man
  15. Andrew Harper
    I'm quite lucky my friend.

    I used to live in the UK, but now I live on Guernsey so I won't be hit with any taxes or duty when it arrives on my doorstep. The price listed is what I'll pay.

    Guernsey doesn't have a lot to do here (25 mph speed limits is one such example! haha) but it does have it's plus points when it comes to things like this.

    Thanks for the link though, will have a look later on :)

    EDIT: Arse, they will only delivery to mainland UK! haha. Good price though, thanks for the link :)
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2017
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