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Pioneer XDP-300R | Twin DAC ES9018K2M | Balanced Out | Android | MQA | 2x MicroSD | WiFi | AptX

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by substi, Oct 1, 2016.
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  1. SubSTI
    XDP-300R-overview.jpg XDP-300R-specs.jpg
    XDP-300R-dac.jpg XDP-300R-specs2.jpg
    XDP-300R-Balanced.jpg XDP-300R-options.jpg
    Specs are similar to Onkyo DP-X1, but with an improved headphone jack / top plate to address the issues the DP-X1 and XDP-100R had with the loose jack.
    Speaker and bumper of the XDP-100R are gone.
    Roughly in the same price range as the Onkyo sibling DP-X1
    In stores now!
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  2. musicday
    Busy market,every company wants to bring new music player at least once a year.I would like to see real high end specifications like 512 GB internal+ SDXC support.
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  3. SubSTI
    Instead of following the mobile phone hype of introducing a new version every year I'd prefer stable firmware and a sensible, functional UI and good, ongoing support to actively address issues.
    For many company's this is still very difficult (read impossible); a new DAP is introduced leaving their last version(s) unfinished. To me this appears the result of the throw-away time we live in, just buy a new one!
    The Pioneer does have 2 MicroSD slots, supporting MicroSDXC of at least 200GB. With prices of these 200GB + cards dropping what is the need for overpriced internal storage?
  4. davidcotton
    Particularly as streaming seems to be the way forward, or so we are constantly being told.
  5. D3Seeker
    Transfer and access speeds. Those huge lossless files aren't just magically summoned and read from the nether realm you know. And I hope the other guy isn't serious about streaming............
  6. SubSTI
    Are you saying that huge lossless files aren't playable from a good quality MicroSD card? Putting it on the card is not a big deal if you put the card in a USB 3 adapter and copy from your desktop or laptop, and it's not something I do every day.
    Streaming vs. owning music, that's another discussion, I for example use both, don't see anything wrong with streaming.
  7. D3Seeker
    Of course a "good" microSD card is always gonna work. My point is that it's short sighted to remove internal storage just because. It usually take the absolutr best of microSD cards to match that "pricey" internal storage. On threes kind of devices that speed make a difference at the OS level especially. Doesn't help that the specialized players tend to get botched or gimped in one form or another as is. The last thing any of us need is some as schumpert as internal tanner speed crippling the entire device because of short sighted nonsense like that getting spouted.

    also doesn't help that people around these parts aren't necessarily verse in even the basics to know what a good microSD is from a craptastic one among other things you'd think would come as natural venture considering the subject matter but that's for another theoretic.
  8. audiophilers
    Sounds good..... I want to try this out. 
    Which one would be a better choice? DP-X1? or this one? 
  9. SubSTI
    I would go for the XDP-300R, this is basically a rebadged DP-X1 with the loose headphone jack issue solved (hopefully) and priced ~$ 100 cheaper than the DP-X1.
  10. pervysage

    Looks much prettier as well when you look at the sides of the device and the buttons. DP-X1 is just a plain ole slab of square when you look at it.

    The Pioneer looks like it gives you something to hold onto.
  11. audiophilers
    but it's not on sale yet.
    The thing is... Onkyo DP-X1 now sells for only $600 on Ebay.
    This XDP 300R is $745.
  12. SubSTI
    It should be available by the end of this month, in Europe the XDP-300R is (still) cheaper on pre-order than the DP-X1, and it has the advantage of the improved headphonejack plate.
  13. audiophilers
    it can't be cheaper than $600... 
    can you give me a reference link of that XDP 300R price?
  14. SubSTI
    I didn't wrote is was cheaper than $600 only that it is still cheaper than the DP-X1 here in Europe, although the DP-X1 prices are coming done since my last that post as well..
    XDP-300R GBP599 including VAT http://www.audiosanctuary.co.uk/pioneer-xdp-300r-portable-player.html
  15. audiophilers
    Oh, that's seriously 499 British pounds ($612 USD).
    So it priced the same as current Onkyo DP-X1 ($600 USD).
    I think that's special UK pricing... some people on Amazon and Ebay are asking $700 - $1000... I think it will take some time to see that kind of pricing in US.
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