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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
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  1. morserotonin

    My current portable rig.
  2. SkyBleu

    Superb pictures as always!
  3. audiofreakie
    @LSeries, yups, cardas 4x24 awg with oyaide rhodium 3.5 plug.
  4. MilesDavis2

    Now that's audio nirvana!
  5. Tus-Chan
    Please don't quote every single picture in someone else's post. Just the "Originally posted by ********** [​IMG]" is good enough because we can click the speech bubble to see the original post. [​IMG]
    LFC_SL and Achmedisdead like this.
  6. Achmedisdead
  7. spurxiii

    Do you get enough volume from this setup? My mad dogs via the iPhone is way too soft
  8. VisceriousZERO

    IMO ipod or iphone alone lacks the power for the MDs...
  9. audionewbi
    Darn those super comy look great and solid.  
  10. martybm5
    I was thinking the same thing. I wont even consider playing my MD's with just my iphone. Even a modest amp to me is still not enough to drive them to their potential.
  11. HAL 9000
    AE2w (wired at the moment)
    Galaxy S III i9300 (Wolfson w/ custom compiled Voodoo kernel)
    FiiO E12 Mont Blanc
  12. spurxiii

    I'm currently driving them with my C5 and it doesn't sound that great. I'm looking at a IBasso PB2 as they supposedly pump out 2500mw so it should be adequate to drive the orthos. Plus they have the option to go fully balanced also
  13. zilch0md

    Clip+ > Amperior

    This sounds way better than it should.


  14. lin0003
    ]Nice rig and extremely portable as well.
  15. calipilot227

    What...the actual hell IS that? [​IMG]
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