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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
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  1. lin0003
    Isn't that the PRM tuning machine or whatever you call it?
  2. xoundmonster
    UE uses them which allows their customers to tune their UERM..
  3. rasmushorn
    I can only imagine it sounds great. I love the Amperior! it goes well with almost any source and does not need an amplifier. Such a great punch and attack in its sound. My favorite portable headphone at the moment.
  4. audiofreakie
    @spurxiii, I set the ipod vol to 90%, its loud enough for me, since the T50RP only 50 ohm.
  5. spurxiii
    For me its just under my ideal listening volume at full power, but the sound lacks bass and the mids are congested, even via my JDS Labs C5 it isn't too open sounding
  6. martybm5
    I've heard good things about the Ibasso option, and that Dan recommends them also. If you want a cheap alternative, the FiiO E12 can push the MD too.
  7. spurxiii
    That's great because I've just ordered the PB2 and now looking at the HiFlight topkit
  8. sp3llv3xit
    PORTABLE docked.  

  9. SkyBleu

    What is that amp? And how does it perform?

    I see it on a daily, but never figured out what it was. :p
  10. sp3llv3xit

    It is a DIY Cmoy with the LME4522 opamp.  It is very powerful (even more so than the Pico Power).  However, it is a bit brighter than the Pico.  I use it to drive my T1 on-the-go.  When I had the ALO RxMK3b, I did a side by side comparison.  My DIY amp is way more musical and has better coherence between the mids and the highs.  It is driven by 4 Nokia Li-Ion batteries.  One full charge lasts 48 hours on IEM and around 24 hours when used with full-sized cans.  However, to get to full from empty requires 8 - 10 hours of charging.

    It sounds warm with great treble body and extension.  A bit too great, at times.

    Bass slam is about two degrees softer than the RxMk3b.  

    Its soundstage is about the same as that of the ALO RxMK3b.
    While very portable, it is on the heavier side of things.  Weighs 570 grams.
  11. SkyBleu

    Ahh! That sounds pretty damn sweet!

    To think its ran by a cmoy circuit, haha..

    Do you happen to sell them? (Just curious, nothing more:)
  12. lin0003
    Cool, are they pretty cheap to make?
  13. sp3llv3xit

    Oh no.  I am an end user, sir.

    I bought it at around US $450.00. 
  14. kimvictor
    Hmm. No offense. I just want to clarify this.
    The tuning machines is solely for PRM, not the UERM. A lot of people were confused about that.
  15. Tom Yum Goong
    Just a quick shot of the Budget-Fi rig I bought for my brother :wink:
    He is pretty happy with it and kicked his crappy old IEMs in the trash rightaway.

    shureThing likes this.
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