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Pictures of Your Portable Rig (part XVI)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by ringingears, Oct 26, 2012.
  1. jmills8
    Back pack.
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  2. Bingo777
    What is benefit of adding WA11 ?
  3. jmills8
    More punch
  4. cj3209
    Exactly. It works. The WA11 slams the bass, the BA300s gives it some warmth.

    Not into technical explanations. Just know what I hear. I first saw someone doing this and I thought it was a waste until I tried it.
  5. meomap
    There is a guy used roughly up to 10 different kinds and designs of portable amps or Super Stack for his enjoyment.
  6. Devodonaldson
    IMG_20190917_163019.jpg iphone 7 to Monolith portable DAC/Amp pushing Tidal hifi/Masters to LCDi4. Amazing!
  7. PinkyPowers
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  8. kdphan
    Doing a little cleaning on this fine Sunday

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  9. Xzephyr23
    Love it
  10. Redcarmoose
    I always have to thank-you for your review on the Noble Encore. Your words fully explained what it is, and it IS just like your review. I would have never purchased without reading your impressions!
    Last edited: Sep 29, 2019
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    Thought it would be ironic to play Mortal Kombat as I wrap the Z1R with the recommended cable management. 90689DA5-EA08-4AF8-A3DD-FA524C598134.jpeg
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  12. masterpfa

    I'm in love
  13. DatDudeNic
    Very nice.
  14. Pricklyears101
    15698628942788081697162638810194.jpg From a w550i walkman phone decades ago to this...
  15. Podster
    TopNX1 Touched DMG:rolling_eyes:


    @kdphan nice collection, I guess one could have a tough time deciding the days adventures:beerchug:
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2019
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