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Oct 19, 2019 at 10:07 AM
Feb 11, 2010
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LAX Airport Sr. Analyst

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cj3209 Send PM

Headphoneus Supremus, Male, from SoCal

cj3209 was last seen:
Oct 19, 2019 at 10:07 AM
  • About

    LAX Airport Sr. Analyst
    My wife
    My kids
    My dog: Tin-Tin (Jack-Chi)
    My God
    Headphone Inventory:
    Abyss 1260-phi CC
    Sony IER-Z1R
    Audeze LCD i4 - Effect Audio Thor II - 8-Wire
    JH Audio Angie - CIEM w/SuperNova Beat Audio balanced 2.5mm cable
    RHA CL-2
    JH-5 - CIEM w/Whiplash Audio TWcu v3 OM cable

    Prior: AKG K701 w/Moon Audio Black Dragon cable; HiFiMan HE-500; Shure SE535 IEM; Etymotic ER-4S/P; Westone UM3X IEM; HEIR AUDIO 8 IEM; AUDEZE LCD-2 (2.5) - Toxic Cable - Silver Poison / Forza Audioworks Noir Hybrid HTC cable; ALO-ULTRASONE HFI 780; 64Audio U12 - UIEM w/ALO Ref. 8 balanced 2.5mm cable; Mr. Speakers - Ether Flow Closed w/Forza Noir Hyrid 4-pin balanced cable; Empire Audio XRA - Universal w/Effect Audio Ares II+; iBasso IT04; KSE 1200
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    XI Audio Broadway
    Violectric V281 w/attenuated volume control & XMOS DAC
    Woo Audio WA-11 Topaz
    Oriolus BA300S
    iFi Audio Micro iDSD Black Label
    AK XB10

    Prior: Headroom Home Amp; Headroom Total Bithead; Headroom Max Amp; Creek OBH-21SE Amp; ALO RX; ALO RX mkII; Red Wine Audio ISABELLINA HPA LFP Edition (Renaissance Electronics Upgrade); ALO Continental V2; ALO International+; Chord Mojo; ALO Continental Dual Mono; Violetric V280 w/USB DAC; Chord Mojo; Chord Hugo 2 (Blk)
    Source Inventory:
    Metrum Acoustics Pavanne - WOW
    Metrum Acoustics Ambre
    A&Ultima SP1000Cu
    Samsung S10+
    LG G7 ThinQ 64gb
    Samsung S5e Tablet
    Thinkpad X2 Tablet

    PRIOR: CLAS; HiFiMan HM-801; iMod 240GB; iPad Air; AK100; RWAK 100s; iPod Classic 7G 160 gb; Wadia iTransport - modded; Samsung Note 4; Cowan Plenue P1 Gold; AK120ii; Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 128gb; Sony ZX-2; Chord Mojo; iPad Pro-Verizon; Surface Pro 4; Verizon Ellipsis HD 8; Onkyo DP-X1a; Opus #2; Sony WM1A; Cowon Plenue R-Silver; Chord Poly; LG V20; LG G6+; Chord Mojo; iBasso DX200; LG V30+; AK240 Blue Note Special; iBasso DX200 Titanium w/AMP1Ti & 8; Shanling M3s; iPad Pro 10.5" 64GB Verizon; Samsung Note 9-512gb; Samsung S2 Tablet; Linn Classik
    Cable Inventory:
    JP Labs-Superconductor V AES Cable
    JP Labs-PAC LITE Amp Cable
    JP Labs-The Digital Cable AC
    Moon Audio Silver Dragon V2 XLR Cables
    Shunyata-DiamondBack AC
    Stereovox XV2-Digital Coax
    Noble Soundlab Cyprium Interconnects
    ALO 3.3 to 3.5
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Audio Research VXi60 Tube Integrated Amp
    ProAc Response D2 Speakers
    Linn Katan Speakers
    Music Preferences:
    Female Vocals
    Nespresso Citiz
    Samsung S5e Tablet
    Samsung S10plus
    Thinkpad X1 Tablet

    PRIOR: iPad Air 128GB; Nikon D2x; Nikon D700; Galaxy Note 4 w/wireless cover; iPad Mini 2 128 GB; iPad Pro w/Apple Pencil; Surface Pro 4; iPad Pro 10.5" 64GB Verizon


    HEADPHONES: Abyss AB-1266 Phi CC / Audeze LCDi4 / Sony IER-Z1R
    SOURCES: Metrum Pavane-Ambre-Mac Mini-Roon / A&ultima SP1000cu
    AMPS: Audio Research VSi60 / V281 / WA11 / XI Broadway / Oriolus BA300s / iFi Micro BL
    SPEAKERS: ProAc Response D2
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