Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]
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Originally Posted by krismusic /img/forum/go_quote.gif
More Voyager goodness. IE8's with ACS Custom tips.

I'm dying to try my ipod with the voyager but my LOD is taking forever to come. It sounds pretty damn good with my sony D25s.
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No doubt but I don't want to lug the sony around everywhere. If there is too much difference I probably will though.
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Originally Posted by abyrvalg /img/forum/go_quote.gif
And now, for something completely different. When I feel like listening to a truely reference rig on the go, I take my "starving Russian student" desktop stuff with me. It gives me a truely reference SQ and a very nice workout without a gym. In the bag, there is a battery power supply for the DAC, and battery bac-up UPS feeding my Phonitor with a nice clean AC. My old trusty iriver h140 feeding the DAC as usual. For some strange reason people stare at me and I can't figure why... Maybe my haircut or something...





This post deserves a thread of its own.
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New stuff :- Sennheiser hd218's,Pioneer mj3's with Sennheiser ear cushions, sony iem's, cmoy, loops cable, Sony dap. Blue ragon lod on way for ipods.



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limpidglitch;6390058 said:
Home: White running-shoe –> Bowl of Petunias –> Sperm Whale –> Lemon re-cabled Gold Bricks
Portable: Minstrels

Just noticed your signature, made me smile

What the SQ like on the Minstrels?

Love the clean looks of the Clip+ by the way, should have one tomorrow all going to plan.
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Sennheiser HD201
Grado SR60 + HD414 pads
Etymotic ER6i
iPod 30GB + Rockbox
iPod Shuffle 1GB
Sony CD Walkman
Sony Cassette Walkman

I use any combination of the above depending on my mood & the situation...
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Anyone with an ipod5.5 and a pico show me there setup to contemplate on how I should do this?
Will the hippo case be too big to snug a pico amp?

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