Dec 19, 2009
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    audiophile, dj, mac enthusiast, gamer, home cinema...
    Photography, Watersports.
    Headphone Inventory:
    grado iGrado's
    sennheiser rs130's
    sennheiser hd215's
    sennheiser hd218's
    pioneer se mj3b's
    skullkandy ti's
    jvc air cushions
    samsung iem's
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Pro-Ject HeadboxII head amp
    Chu-Moy "Burr Brown" Opamp2227 Altoids mints
    Chu-Moy "Burr Brown" Opamp2227 Altoids sours

    Saving for a Graham Slee, Pico & a G&W.
    Source Inventory:
    Technics SL-PS670D cdp
    Denon UCD-F07 cdp
    Cambridge Audio AZUR 540c 2 cdp
    Teac V1050 Tapedeck
    Wharfdale DAB tuner
    Sony portable minidisc player
    ipod nano 4th gen 8gb
    ipod nano 5th gen 4gb
    iphone 3gs
    Sony VIAO laptop : Vista Ult : Foobar2000
    Technics slbd22 turntable
    Audio Technica Cartridge
    Phono stage needs replacing.
    Sony psp : net radio streaming
    Sony NWZ S638F 8gb DAP
    Samsung Ykp3 2gb DAP
    Creative Zen 2gb
    Technics SJ-MD150 Minidisc recorder
    Cable Inventory:
    Saber LOOPs® Home made LOD
    Milian Acoustics 3.5 jack to jack mini
    Saber LOOPs® 0.5 3.5 jack to jack mini
    Qed rca-rca
    Cambridge Audio " Pacific " rca-rca x2
    Cambridge Audio " Atlantic " rca-3.5mm
    Hitachi rca-rca x2
    Vivanco optical x2
    Vivanco coax/spdif
    RadioShack coax/spdif
    Vivanco rca-3.5mm
    Vivanco rca-rca
    Monster coax/spdif
    Power-Related Components:
    None yet.
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Cambridge Audio AZUR 640a rev2 amp
    Denon AVR 1509 ht amp ( 5.1 hdmi )
    Sony STR-DG500 ht amp ( 6.1 )
    Kenwood RS-G7 amp
    Sansui vintage amp
    Pioneer BDP-51FD upscaling -
    Bluray player with quad Wolfsen DAC's
    Xbox360 Elite with HD-DVD player
    Logitech Z5500 ( additional ht for gaming etc )
    2x Technics 1200mkII's & 1 technics 1210m3d
    Vestax pmc 25 & Vestax pcV-175 mixers
    Ortofon Nightclub Carts ( concorde )
    M-Audio Conectiv with Torq
    M-Audio Axiom49
    Ibanez guitar
    Tanglewood amp
    Celestion 3's
    Heybrook hb5's
    Roth OLiII's
    Monitor Audio Bronze BR2's
    LG LH3000 32" 1080p lcd tv
    Pioneer DV-525 sd dvd player
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    4x Home made isolation feet
    4x shop bought spikes and home made shoes

    more upgrades and isolation/absorbtion items on the way soon. ( inc isolation platform for sub and stands for the BR2's )
    Music Preferences:
    Classical, RnB, Dance/EDM, Jazz, Classic Rock, Chillout.
    gaming pc ( self built )


    Sony NWZE638F
    iPod nano g4
    CMoy Altoids mints head ampCMoy Altoids sours head ampCans: Sennheiser hd218 Pioneer SE MJ3B iGrado
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