Pico Slim first impressions and reviews thread. See p31 onwards for a couple of solid reviews + pics + useful info.
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... Of course the volume control puts the original Pico to shame on IEMs.

I think you are off base with that statement, I use both and the original Pico is still a great performer with my ue11s. I honestly don’t believe it’s an easy task to note differences between the two. If you are strictly speaking of the potentiometer, sure the Slim can go down to a very quiet level and the steps are very small but the original Pico performs well at low levels, it just doesn’t have small steps. As far as any channel imbalance it’s very hard to tell by listening back & forth, if not impossible and you state “it's been over two months since I had the Pico, so I'm going from memory,” again, I think you’re wrong, the original Pico is still a very solid performer.
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My slim arrived on thursday but i didn't get an opportunity to pick it up until last night. Figured I'd use grey scale for something a little different -




Don't have my Shure SE530's quite yet, but I did listen for a bit with my AKG K81DJ's.

First impressions - it's really damn small. And it improved the AKG in virtually all respects. We have success. Props Justin
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Just coming on here to give an update on my Slim, oh wait I haven't got mine yet!!! Got a shipping notice on Tuesday after a week of saying it was going to ship but didn't. It looks like the trick most people play, send you a tracking number just to silence the critics and then ship when you get good and ready!!! After saying all that it looks like it will be a nice amp when it arrives!!!

There's a reason why USPS' service is called delivery confirmation. I would say that the MAJORITY of the time that the USPS tracking is updated is to show that it's been delivered. You may or may not get intermediate status updates.

It's a pretty hefty accusation to say that Justin has sent you a tracking number just to silence critics and hasn't actually shipped. I know you're frustrated at the wait, but do give some thought to what you're accusing an upstanding vendor of doing.
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shigzeo: I think part of the problem is that a large portion of Head-fi'ers now haven't experienced nor read about the Xin-level order wait times. Let alone Xin "customer service"

Good point WalkGood, forgot about the purpose of the thread and let myself go OT. Back to our regularly scheduled program....good music.
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I didn’t point or complain about anyone member, this isn’t the place for that … go and open a complaints thread.


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The mods told me in a private message to post my complaints in this thread ...

Brilliant advice to trash a thread about user opinions and impressions with I can’t wait or when will it come or the USPS service sucks, bla bla bla … what does any of that have to do with how the Pico Slim functions & performs? Rhetorical question, no need to answer it.
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I deleted my posts!! Sorry to offend!!!!
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Just wondering, to those who hear the 'pop' sound when turning on pico slim(with earphone plugged in), how loud is it as compared to where you turn on the pico slim first before plugging in earphone? both way should have some 'pop', but im wondering how loud is it in both situations?

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