Philips Fidelio X2?!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by thatBeatsguy, Jun 14, 2014.
  1. Pharmaboy
    I have always gotten very enjoyable sound out of my X2's with 2 amps:
    • Cavalli Liquid Carbon (v2): sure, it's a warm amp. sure, it shouldn't work with X2's--but it does. it really does...
    • Lake People G109-A: another slightly warm amp, more power than the LC (not that it matters w/the X2s)--it gives them a very even, impactful, musical sound.
    The X2s definitely can scale up, sound somewhat different/better on different amps. Then again, the 1st source I used mine with (FiiO 10K DAC/amp) was tiny & cheap, and still sounded excellent...because the X2s just about always sound good.
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  2. Subrising
    Was thinking about grabbing one of these for Christmas for myself. Haven't ever owned an open pair of headphones and am coming from a Takstar Pro 80, V-Moda M80 and Logitech UE6000 base.

    Mainly listen to EDM music (think of the YouTube channel Proximity) and was wondering if these would suffice for the bassier genres whilst still being great for vocals (both male and female).

    They cost about $240 AUD for me and I was mainly considering between this and the V-Moda M100 which is the same price.
  3. Slater
    Call a local machine shop or good welders in your area. Most would charge $15-$20 to fix that. However, if it's all coated in dried up caked on glue, they won't be able to weld it. Super glue won't hold the metal - you need something stronger.

    Good luck.
  4. JWolfe50
    Mine are doing the exact same thing. It's like the leather came unglued and the metal wire started pulling out of it. I don't know if I should try to contact the seller or Philips or something, they're two years old so I feel like I'm probably gonna have to fix them on my own.
  5. Slater
    Well that makes me very worried. You're now the 2nd person in 2 weeks who mentioned the same problem (which has never even been mentioned before that I remember).
  6. Pharmaboy
    Funny...I feel exactly the same.

    My X2s are unreplaceable--literally, because they're not sold new anymore; and figuratively, for how they sound & fit into my music appreciation.

    I don't listen often (2-3X/wk) and tend to rotate among 3-4 HPs, so hopefully wear issues w/the X2s (if any) will take a long time to develop.
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  7. DrunkSaru
    I don't think you guys have to worry too much. I haven't fully fixed mine yet but at least it hasn't affected the sound. I'm currently just trying to figure out which glue would best work in gluing metal to plastic and then being able to reinforce it properly (find some kind of zip tie kinda thing).The sad thing was for mine, I barely had it over a year and though I've only put in about 600 hours of listening on this so it doesn't get used as much as my other headphones. Still look(ed) brand new other than the amount of lint that is attracted to the pads. I think it was just bad QC or I, along with a couple of others just had bad luck. Oh well, **** happens.

    On a side note, it's the 25th today so I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy and safe holidays.
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  8. Pedro Oliveira
    Merry christhmas! :)

    Regarding the headband.... That is one of the reasons i head three different x2s. 2 of them had the inside of the headband glued in a really sloppy way. The inside of the headband of my x2s is perfectly glued. As i said i prefered to keep a pair with one of two scratches but perfectly glued and without any creeks, clicks or weird noises when stretching the headband.
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  9. HungryPanda
    Happy Christmas all, I have to say my X2's are one of my favourite headphones in my rotation, always bring a smile to my face
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  10. JWolfe50
    Yeah, yours are probably gonna last a lot longer than mine. They're my main pair so I've been using them almost everyday for the past two years now (got them Dec 2015), that's taking them on and off 10 or more times every day. They still sound amazing though.
  11. Joong
    Certainly X2 is my usual listening phones on which I can enjoy without any concentration on the music, whereas my Th900 gives me gripping joy but requiers my attention.
    That said, x2 gives me elaxation in very friendly mode with euphonic characters.
  12. MisterMudd
    Have had mine since October 2014 and man, LCD Soundsystem's American Dream sounds killer on the X2 today. They ain't going nowhere!
  13. sbone87
    Hi everybody,

    I got the X2HR's over Christmas and as noted in previous posts the cable is rather long. I was wondering if anyone had a recommendation on what to get? I've seen a couple recommended on here already but I can't see any that ship to the UK...any help would be much appreciated!

    Happy new year to you all!
  14. Pharmaboy
    I bought several excellent & inexpensive cables for my X2s from a Chinese company, Ghent Audio. I tried several cables, but the best-sounding & least microphonic is listed below (see no reason they wouldn't ship to the UK, which is far closer to China than New York State!):

    You'll see right away that the connectors are wrong for the X2s, which need a 3.5mm jack. However, just ask Ghent Xu, the owner (very helpful guy) to change one or both connectors, and he'll do that for you (he did for me).
  15. bigtim
    I’m currently using this with my X2s:
    Anker ak-a7113091 1.2 m 3.5 mm 3.5 mm RED – Audio Cable (3.5 mm, Male, 3.5 mm, Male, Straight, Straight)
    Could tell the difference to the stock cable.

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