Philips Fidelio X2?!

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  1. peter123
    Ha ha, it seems as if I quoted the wrong user originally. No wonder you didn't understand what I was asking lol :wink:

    @tili What's your source?
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  2. tili
    ohh so that was meant for me. im glad it was
    im listening on spotify either from my PC onboard(Realtek® ALC892 probably ****ty) - X2's don't sound loud enough here so no ear piercing sounds. soundstage is definitely worse
    iPad air 2 - doesn't get to really uncomfortable levels of loudness here but a lot more louder than onboard. ear piercing at 12/15 volume level and above
    i also tried my xbox one s controller's headphone out to be sure that it wasn't iPad's fault. xbox controller gets louder than onboard and the ear piercing sound is there at 93/100 volume levels and above in PC.

    edit: actually i think i was listening to them too loud. i guess i wanted to feel the BASS THAT WAS PROMISED. maybe i will get used to them but i'm still on the lookout for anything that can help.
    What about Fiio E17K? It has treble adjustment if i need to lower it for the songs that hurt

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  3. DrunkSaru
    Hey all,
    Anyone here with the X2 have their headband partially break? I have a metal wire sticking out which just snapped the other day while I was using it. Really odd. I did a quick search with some key words but nothing relevant came up so I figured I would ask. The cups still work fine but my headband is now messed up and since it's one month past it's warranty date, I got not love from Philips. Anyone have any suggestions or know of any instructions on taking these things apart (specifically the headband)? Much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Slater
    Can you post a photo or 2?
  5. DrunkSaru
    Here is an image. I've been messing around and kinda forced the metal wire back into place. Right below where the arrow is pointing to where I wrote 'metal wire' where you see the shade difference is where it snapped. It was sticking out to about where the 'plastic cover' is in the picture and the cover was really sticking out. I had to really the headband back to force the metal wire back in and at the moment i'm thinking just glue everything back on in hopes that it will stay in place. I've been trying to see if the elastic band is removable where the "R" is but I haven't figured out if that piece can be taken apart or not. My needle nose pliers have gone missing so I can't repair this the way I want at the moment.
  6. Light - Man
    Can we assume that only one of the metal bars/wire has snapped due to metal fatigue.

    If the bar is a tube, perhaps you could insert a strong wire (like a coat hanger) inside (perhaps with some epoxy glue)?
  7. Slater
    Wow, that sucks. Like Light Man said, maybe figure out a way to get a piece of wire back in there. Or, depending on the age of them, try and get a warranty claim.
  8. DrunkSaru
    Yeah, it's not a tube. It a solid metal piece. If I knew if there was an easy way to remove the elastic band, It would make repairing so much easier but that doesn't seem to be the case. Also Tried getting a warranty claim already. Philips was of no help. It's kinda sad since I've owned and still own quite a few of their stuff, some of which have lasted since the 90's.
  9. Slater
    You could probably fix that with some JB Weld metal repair epoxy. Or you could have the wire TIG welded at the break. TIG welding would be fast and precise, and cause minimal damage to the plastic/leather.
  10. DrunkSaru
    yeah, don't have a TIG welder but agreed that would ideally be the best fix. I am thinking of super gluing the metal wire while in it's canal to a certain point so it won't pop out and then carefully glue to leather and all the plastic bits together. I guess I'm just a hand full of people who've had this issue. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  11. tili
    @Slim1970 sorry i didn't use the reply button maybe you didn't see my question. thank you for trying to replicate the issue. do you think any other dac/amp will work because ifi micro does not fit my budget? i could get the ifi dsd nano bl or maybe the cheaper fiio e17k. can you try with anything cheaper you have?
  12. peter123
    I think a good deal of your problem comes from your source(s), a nice amp/dac should be a noticeable improvement.

    In the budget segment my favorite pairing with the X2's is the Centrance Dacport Slim. That being said I haven't heard the Nano BL but I'm sure it'll be a very nice unit as well.
  13. Slim1970
    The nano iDSD BL should be a great pairing for the X2's. It uses a lot of the same high quality components as the micro iDSD BL just in a smaller package. The pairing should be very musical and should the drive them with no problem.
  14. Joong
  15. audioot
    The fidelio X2 HD experienced as a headphone which is quite sensitive at different amps.
    The potential difference is clearly visible with these headphones and much improvement is possible.
    I experience that a good one (certainly one very good amp) brings these headphones to great heights and allows a lesser control to assimilate the negative sides.
    probably here is the discussion between for and opponents of these headphones.
    Connect it to a really good amp / dac and you will experience it clearly.
    The fidelio X2 HD is probably not the most neutral headphones, but rather the most atractive and absolutely musical headphones under the 1000 euro.
    If properly managed with a good amp.
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