1. C

    Is Philips Fidelio X2hr ,good update to senn HD 598?

    I have sennheiser HD 598, Is Philips Fidelio X2hr ,a good upgrade to it ,sound quality wise?
  2. surreysteve

    Q: Is it possible to get really good quality noise cancelling over ears?

    Hiya Looking for some advice. I have In ears (Sennheiser IE80) and over-ears Phillips Fidelio X2 (Open back). These are combined with my A&K Ak70 MkII. NB I also use the balanced output from the AK70 for the Sennheisers with a Moon audio cable. The good news is I love the sound of both the...
  3. S

    Looking for crisp headphones in the ~100€ range.

    Hi everybody, I'm looking for help from people more keen about headphones than I am. My old 20€ headphones broke and I'm looking for a better sound now. I need something mostly for use with my iPhone, but I want to be able to watch TV with it occasionally as well. I tried a few different...
  4. cb3723

    Philips A5-PRO "Armin Van Buuren Collaboration" (Owners and impressions)

    My pair are due to arrive next week, direct from :) Anybody already own these? Please post early impressions here :cool: Hawaiibadboy has briefly checked these cans and his early impressions can be found below...
  5. thatBeatsguy

    Philips Fidelio X2?!

    The photo below should explain what I mean: As you can see, the X2 looks different from the X1 (now clad in all black), and is priced about four times as much as the X1 (about $1300 USD). Clicking on the link will just redirect you to the X1 page, so apparently the X2 is yet to be released...
  6. sue4

    Philips Fidelio L2

    Got a quick audition at a local store just now. Even a chance to compare it w/ the L1 side-by-side. Boldly to say that the aesthetic is improved. The orange part is not ugly at all, as it may hint at the 1st glance. More "young" and "sporty", not to mean at all a sport headphone. The bulit...