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Philips Fidelio X2 : A Review by Baycode

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by baycode, Aug 5, 2014.
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  1. Funambulistic
    I could be mistaken, but it seems elvergun was partaking in what is commonly referred to as sarcasm...
  2. thatBeatsguy
    Makes sense. I also think the "not that's a review" would probably have been "now that's a review," which means it's a compliment...
  3. L0SLobos
    in that case I'll redact my comment, but his last sentence throws me off...
  4. elvergun
    Haha...that is what I meant to write (fixed)...
    ...and I was being sarcastic. 
    Really?  I read the review and I did not get the impression that he liked the X2 at all.  [​IMG]
  5. cheeno50
    Does anyone know how much the Fidelio X1 weighs? Did x2 get heavier?
  6. Lorspeaker
    Doubt the littledot will have difficulty with the X2...
  7. Exesteils

    Sarcasm doesn't come across well on the Web. :/

    Difficulty, nope. But not sure if you want to add more warmth on top of an already warm sounding HP
  8. Lorspeaker
    Had the LDmk3 b4...generally thin airy spacious sounding amp...to my recollection..
    doubt it will weigh down/muddify the X2.  One can always roll the tubes to taste :p
  9. CoiL
    X1 and X2 (latter less) are warm sounding cans but not so much. Tube amp or buffered DAC won`t make them overly warm but improve them imho. Of course depends on tubes used also
    ...and taste. If person is more into cold flat sounding cans, then adding tube warmth might not be good choice.
  10. Morph91
    How would the Asus Xonar Essence STX pair with the X2? I have tried other amps such as the EHP-O2Di but i can't help loving Dolby Headphone so i am finding it very challenging to change my dac/amp.
  11. depleted
    I'm a little bit sensitive on treble so sometimes I find the X2 even too sparkly to me (not fatiguing but not smooth as dark sounding cans), I'd like to try it with a tube amp. It's the output impedance that throws me off... I've read some little dots have 30 ohm impedance and that would make funky things happen to frequency response (that may be pleasing)
  12. Baycode
    Thanks elvergun, yeah its too boring :p
    I read many times that Little Dot MK1+  is more suitable for driving lower impedance HP's.
  13. depleted
    oh, good to know, thanks
  14. kfotheringham
    The Schiit Vali sounds excellent with the X2`s. Delighted with the synergy.
  15. kfotheringham
    double post.
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